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The big '100' is a VERY big step indeed!
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Hip Hip Hurrey !!!

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Hey Kumbulu - you are now an Adult Cat! Cyber-beer's on me!
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Thankyou so much!!! I'm all overcome! Can we make that beer a Fosters? :laughing2:laughing2
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Fosters.........that's Australian!
(love those commercials)
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I've never had a Fosters....but I can give you a big cheer with a Bud lite (my beer of choice) (might have to try that Foster's now mate!)
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Oh hey!!! is that one of those commercials where they are at a wedding and the guy is digging around in the big tub for a beer, and the girl sticks her whole head in and finds one for him??? I love those commercials!!!!
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Heeheeheehahaha!!! Love it mate! Aveagoodweegend!
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By crocky (or is it cracky) I think I will!!! :LOL:

Can you tell I have seen far too many episodes of the Crocodile Hunter??? :laughing:
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By crikey Debby! Did you aveagoodweegend mate?
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Crikey!!! That's it! Well, I was close!!!
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