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I Am So Annoyed

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I was made redundant yesterday. These people that I worked for thought I would be able to generate serious amounts of new design/marketing business for them in 6 MONTHS!!
They made some people redundant in May. How shortsighted is that . . .they get rid of all the people who are looking at growing their business for them.

I told them at the outset that I had never done exactly this function. I'm used to running and developing accounts once they have been secured. NOT punting for new business. I told them I needed support from the Directors. I had NO support, and feedback. They didn't even tell me that they had built-in turnover for August until the last week in July and they didn't bother to tell me how much.

That's the mistake most companies make. The get business developers in AFTER things have started to slide, rather than when things are on the up.

Anyway. It's seriously pissed me off! I no have to cancel my holiday and try to sell my beautiful car.

I think it's time to look at setting up something on my own. The marketplace for marketing is so depressed at the moment I don't hold out much hope for getting another job quickly.

I'M SOOOO ANGRY (and incredibly worried too . . .)
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Yola, I'm so sorry to hear this. I always find it amazing how companies expect miracles from their employees when they messed it up to begin with. I would be mad a hack too!

Have faith, everything happens for a reason. Just like with me, Tigger, Nena, Melissa etc. something will come up. Most times things have a way of working themselves out. We're all rooting for you! :girly2: :girly1: :girly2: :girly1: (And of course, getting all our positive energy and prayers for you and yours.)
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I am sending positive energy your way. Hopefully something better is just around the corner for you. Like Heidi said: everything happens for a reason.

Good luck and sorry about your job.....
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I'd be furious too, but I'll be redundant. This may be part of a bigger plan. You may be being led into something wonderful that could not have happened otherwise. This job might have been a small piece in a large puzzle, little, but necessary to the whole. I really believe all things work together for good. Keep the faith!
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D'ya know, I think you may be right.

Some things have been happening today which could lead to interesting developments.

I'll stop there as it's early days.

Thank you for the positive vibes. Much appreciated.
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Yola, I am assuming that the term "made redundant" equates to the American term "laid off"? In other words...no more job? I am sorry to hear that. Hoping something will come your way soon.
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Sorry to hear about your job. Some companies expect miracles, without giving any help at all. Hopefully, you'll find something a whole lot better, with more support. Like Jeanie and Heidi, I believe things happen for a reason. I hope the reason will be a better job for you, in a more supportive environment. Good luck.
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I am really very sorry to hear this! But it is there loss!! They will probably regret it, and you will find something much better, I am sure!!!!!! My thoughts are with you!!!! I hope you don't have to sell your car!!!
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Oh Yola, I agree - there's something much bigger and better just around the corner!

It may well be the time to set something up on your own

Good Luck!

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Thinking of you mate...
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Yola, so sorry to read that the b#^*?rds have made you redundant. I'm sure you've had lots of the "it's an opportunity/be positive" statements - but you also need to get angry about it!

Here is the url of a web-site where you can send annonymous curses


I'm only sorry that I found this site after I had calmed down, after I was laid off earlier this year.
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Yola - I am so sorry about your job! I hope that you find something soon!
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