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pheromone magic

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I read on one of the threads about a product called pheromone magic to rid an area of urine odor. I cannot find the link to ask where to buy it - and I cannot find a listing for it under a search on the net.
If anyone can direct me to a site where I can purchase some, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.
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It is made by crazy cat. I know petsmart carries the crazy cat line. I would try these links.
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Thanks for the info!
I have found the pheromone magic on pet-co site and will order it - sure hope it works! one of my old kittys has taken to leaving presents every so often in unusual places and no matter how much I clean, I still feel I can 'smell it'. -ps - her nick name is "Lumpy" - given long before her new habit!
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A friend told me the other day that OxiClean works on pet odors too, as well as a million other things.
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Good on you, for having the love and patience to "clean up" after Lumpy! Older animal-companions need the respect you are giving her. (After all, they've earned it.) Sadly, some people who keep animals do not realize how important it is to accord respect to our elderly animal-friends. I hope your latest coping-protocol works to your satisfaction.


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Mr. Cat - Thank you so much for your comments and compliment. I love my Lumpy - (and her 3 sisters and one brother!) I work with the elderly population at my job - I feel that we can learn from our furry elders as much as our human ones. I truly believe that caring for her like this is a blessing - teaches tolerance, patience and understanding. - pray that someone will have some for me when I get older and need extra attention and care.
Have a great day!
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