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Should we be concerned?

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Well let me start from the beginning.

My dog (a little mini pinscher) can not stand one of the cats here in the house. She constantly harasses it by chasing it, watching its every move, and barking at it. The cat is a tough cookie and just hisses back and does its business so we really didnt have any big concern.

Now for the past few days Ive noticed the cat has been coughing, and it went under the couch. Its been under the couch for about three days now and hasnt come out at all for anything. My boyfriends dad and I checked to see if it was okay and it was fine but its just staying put. The smell under the couch isnt all that pleasant either lol. Im concerned it might be sick or it might be terrified to come out.

What should I do?
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oh heck well think its time to get the little kitty out ............staying under any place for that length of time is a bit of a worry, not eating, drinking well thats real serious.........you do need to get kitty out, check him/her over and maybe a trip to the vets would help............
poor thing must be fed up

good luck and keep us posted
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If he has been under the couch for three days???? and you don't know if he has eaten or had any water???? A call to the vet ASAP is in order.
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Your cat is sick and it has nothing to do with the dog. Please bring the poor kitty to the vet.
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Please, have you checked with your vet? Has your baby eaten or had water?
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