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Starting to think we did the wrong thing?

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First of all let me say I'm sorry for the length of this post...it's a biggie!!

As some of you may know, we brought Kidd...now known as Elliot... into our home a little over a month ago.

He seemed to adapt well to being an indoor cat, he howled and cried for about 10 minutes the first night and that was it he hasn't done that since.

We have three other cats, all Female Gracie and Lizzie are not spayed and CAN NOT be spayed, they have off and on breathing problems and the Vet said it was way to risky to put them under, Annabelle is spayed.
Elliot is neutered.

We introduced then very slowly..in fact it's only been about 4 days that he's been out with them full time.
Then Vet said to make sure that if we weren't here and when we went to bed at night to put him in a room away from Gracie and Lizzie for at least a month after he was neutered...just to make sure all of his "Little Swimmers" were gone.
He has been out all day long with them for about 2 and a half weeks now...before that it we added two hours to his time with the girls everyday.

We are having a real problem with him attacking the girls...not just the ones that are unspayed, but Annabelle too.

Maybe I shouldn't call it attacking as such, I really think he wants to play with them, but honestly doesn't know how....he was a stray and he was terrified of the other strays in the neighborhood...if they came within 2 feet of him he'd run away...God forbide if they hissed at him he'd hide for hours.

He doesn't have the same fear of the girls as he did of the strays...they were all Male...there was one spayed Female who he did seem to take a likeing to.
But even she would swat at him when he'd get to agressive playing with her.

Gracie, Lizzie and Annabelle WILL NOT play with him...he makes a game out of hiding around the corner waiting for them to come out of a room and then he jumps at them...he stands on his back feet and pounces with his front feet.
They hiss, spit, swat and then run and hide...the other night Annabelle got two mouthfuls of hair out of his back and spit them on the floor in front of him...he then tried to eat his own hair ( What's up with that )

He has plenty of toys to play with and will play with them, but seems to loss intrest in them very quickly...the only thing he really likes to play with is an old pair of rolled up socks!

He wants so badly to play with the girls, but like I said they want nothing to do with him...I think if he would just walk up to them nicely instead of the pouncing thing they would be much more receptive...it's the pouncing thing that drives them crazy.
I've tried holding one of the girls and seeing if he will just smell them...NO he wants to jump at them.

Could it be the age difference?
Gracie and Lizzie are 6 year old Sisters, Annabelle was a rescue..somewhere between the ages of 6 and 8 years old and Elliot is around 18 to 20 months old.

Now that I've typed a novel Elliot seems bored and I'm really starting to wonder if he was happier outside....at least he had the stray female to play with even if she swated him once in a while..and my Girls hate the sight of him.
God knows putting him back outside is NOT something I would even think about, but if he was happier outside am I being selfish keeping him in?

We bought our new home several months ago and three days after we moved in a saw him and was in love with him...he's pure white with yellow eyes.
This may sound odd, but the second I saw him my first thought was "Maggie sent us to this house so we could find him."
Maggie was our sweet almost 19 year old girl that went over the bridge 6 years ago...and Elliot could be her twin.

So, do you guys think I did the right thing for HIM bringing him in...or do you think I did it for myself because he makes me think so much of Maggie and no matter how I feel if he's happier outside that even though it will break my heart I should let him go back outside?

Seeing any cat outside just breaks my heart...HELP
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He needs a guy friend to chase around! Can you squeeze one more little man in there to balance things out?
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Your Elliot has a friend in my Wawa. Former stray, neutered and unpopular with my spayed girls - Joji, Skinny and QT. IMO, just like people, cats have certain gauges in liking/disliking the opposite sex. Wawa does not seem to be handsome enough for the girls. I know. When Ashley and Buddy (2 strays/neutered) came along, the girls found them attractive. I've seen them parade infront of those 2 and tolerate their advances. Poor Wawa, he was devastated and now he gets into catfights with A and/or B if he has had enough. I hope that when my female kitten Yon (spayed) gets to an adult size she may console Wawa a bit. Yon looks up to Wawa as her daddy.
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Thanks you both for the help.

If it was possible I would bring another male into the family, but with four kids, four cats and a Husband I think for right now we've reached our limit..my Husband thought we'd reached our limit after Gracie and Lizzie, but I thought not

Maybe I spoke to soon because when I got up this morning I found Elliot and Annabelle ( the one who tore two clumps of his hair out just days ago ) sound asleep together on the couch.
Now if he can just win over Gracie and Lizzie we're in business.

I agree, I think cats...like people...either like each other or they don't.
Annabelle has lived with us for 4 years now and Gracie and Lizzie get along okay with her, but they prefer and will seek out each others company over her everytime.
I wish my Sister and I got along as well as Gracie and Lizzie do
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I'm glad things look like they're starting to go better. He will live a much healthier, and likely much longer life living indoors so you definitely did the right thing bringing him in!
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I also think that it just plain takes a while with some cats to integrate.

When we brough Ginger inside, she had ZERO kitty manners. Seriously. She would try to play with Trent the same way that Elliot did with the girls. That did not go over well at all. Now that she's been here for 2 and a half months, she and Trent are figuring each other out and playing. Mostly playing nicely. She still runs up to him, but no longer pounces him like she did when she first arrived.

Give it time. Especially with Elliot and Annabelle sleeping together, I think they just need more time to work it out amongst themselves.

(Oh and the fur eating thing? Trent does that too. He get hairballs at the drop of a pin too, and that doesn't help. It's like he's saying "Well, it's MY fur, I can eat it if I want to!" )
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Well this morning when I got up ( yes, I"m up at 2:27 AM so I can be ready to leave the house at 7 to go Christmas shopping...I have OCD, what can I say ) Elliot and Annabelle were sleeping together again, in fact they're still laying on the couch.
So things are looking up
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