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Convincing Damita she has to eat?

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I can't get Damita to eat anything this am. She hardly ate anything yesterday. She's got food allergies & I'm 1 weeks shy of being done with this food trial. I'm not sure what to feed her. She won't eat the Natural Balance Venison & Green Pea dry or canned, so I tried Pro Pac Beef & that was a no go....I tried Iams cans, Nutro pouches....(Dorian's really full as he's been getting what she won't eat).

Now what? I don't know what her allergies are to, but I'm leaning towards picking up some baby food today & force feeding her. I know she won't eat because of her ringworm meds....so I'll be straightening that out with the vet tomorrow.
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let her alone for now and see what the vet says. is she drinking water?
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I saw her drink last night, she is slightly dehydrated, not much. I'm just concerned because I know she hasn't eaten since last night & I have to get her to eat today.
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Nature's Variety Prairie Rabbit (canned)


Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner (canned or dry) are the two best foods for allergies.

Petguard also makes a Rabbit and Rice in cans. It may be easier to find this brand.
Gizmo has allergies to chicken but loves eating rabbit and didn't need any inspiration to change over.

Good luck. If you can't get her to eat anything else, I'd get some fish (tuna cat food) since they seem to eat that no matter what. You do have to get some food in her.
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Did you try heating it up a bit? Some cats will eat if the smell is more attractive with warm food. Otherwise, could you maybe put something like bonito flakes or something (i.e. Kitty Kaviar) on top to tempt her to eat? That might not work with her allergies though. The baby food might be your best bet. Feel better and eat something vibes for Damita!
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I second the caviar and the tuna ( or did you figure fish allergy ??) ... mayba try some cooked beef ... baby food is a good idea
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I tried several different baby foods & all were no gos....she never would eat any cooked people meat...I always heat her food as her royal highness prefers it that way. I got her to eat a little Pro Pac beef canned food. 1/3 of a can took her 1 hour 30 minutes or so to eat. She snuggled with me all night & Dory & Ophelia are avoiding her. I called the vet & I am waiting for him to call me back.

ETA: I just heard from the vet. He wants me to take her off the ringworm meds for 3 days to see if she gets better. I'm going to buy some Fancy Feast, Friskies, etc. & start trying those....I don't care about her allergies, I just need her to eat!
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do you have a meow mix pouch of filet meow ... it is just beef and tuna so hopefully wouldnt be allergy trouble
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I think that's the one flavor Twitch & Lily don't like, so I'm sure I've got a bunch!
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