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Pinochet is dead

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And he was never brought to justice because of "ill health".
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I always thought that was a rotten excuse to not prosecute.
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At least we won't have to worry about him now..
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He may not have been brought to justice in this life, but I believe he is being brought to justice in the next. It is hard for me to imagine how someone can be so evil and still think their actions are somehow for the greater good.
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I worked with someone who had been imprisoned by him. He was lucky to get out of Chile alive (a Priest who worked for human rights there). In fact, the organization I was working with he ran - and what we did was run a network that helped get people who's lives were in danger because of their political activity escape countries like Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Pinochet was a criminal and it's a shame he never had to face justice for his crimes.

And saving the country from Marxism? First, Allende was democratically elected. If I remember correctly, he was the 2nd socialist ever to be elected to office. Second, he was a social democrat, not a communist (the implication of the word "Marxist.").

And Pinochet was charged with the disappearance of 2 people? That in and of itself is a crime.
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