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Plastic Bag chewing - HELP!

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Phoebe, who's terrified of plastic bags moving, has been sneaking into the study and bathroom (low trash cans) and chewing on the plastic bags! We've tried yelling NO everytime we see her doing it (she'll stop, run away, and hide for awhile) but she keeps doing it. We switched to citrus scented trash bags thinking that would keep her away but it didn't work, so then we tried spraying various things on the bags, perfume, air freshener, vinegar, but no matter what, she chews on the bags and we're worried she's going to swallow some. How do I get her to stop?
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My Kiko will do the same. The only rememdy I have found is to totally keep them all out of sight, so he has no opportunity to do it.
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how do you do that with trash bags?
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Well my kitchen one is inside a trash bin, any other trash containers I have around the house, I dont use bags in them. And if its garbage that needs to go into a trash bag, I put it in the kitchen bin.
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Ditto on the smaller trash bins throughout the home... couldn't use bags in them. We had one who would eat them and one that's fascinated with playing with anything wrapped in plastic, so those are basically banished for all time.
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Use cans with a cover?
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Originally Posted by MooCow View Post
Ditto on the smaller trash bins throughout the home... couldn't use bags in them. We had one who would eat them and one that's fascinated with playing with anything wrapped in plastic, so those are basically banished for all time.
Kiko will eat anything wrapped in plastic, too. I have to be extra careful with anything plastic, including milk jug rings and promptly toss.
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My Margaret has a thing for small plastic shopping bags. Last week, I had left a bag, containing clothing, on the kitchen table. I saw her start scrunching butt-first into the bag, and thought she was burrowing. Nope. She started urininating in the bag! She's never had an accident. Luckily, I got the cothing out before the urine touched anything (no mean feat, I can tell you!). Margaret doesn't chew them, just burrows in them

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Well we got the no chew spray for puppies and we're gonna see if that helps, if not we'll just stop using the trash bags. Oh yeah, we've tried using lids, she knocks them off .
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You can get a garbage can with a foot pedal that raises the lid. I have one of those and Gizmo never gets into the trash.

Alternatively, you might use paper bags instead of plastic to line your trash can.
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
You can get a garbage can with a foot pedal that raises the lid.
That's what we had to do- Chessy is a plastic chewer. I had to remove the plastic liners from the bathroom trashcans too.
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Singa chews them too. But mainly the thin ones you get at the supermarket. I keep all shopping bags out of reach and the ones that line the bin I make sure they hardly show. I have a bin with a pedal to open it. if you tuck the bag inside, Singa can hardly see it
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Plastic is definitely something you want to avoid your pet from chewing, ingesting. It is not digestable, and can cause severe intestinal problems if not passed through thier system. I would either get a can you do not have to line or close the bathroom door ........This behavior can progress outside of the bathroom if not corrected soon enough...
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mine dont chew bags , but i use a black bag to take the washing from the dryer to the bedroom , and as soon as my 2 of my cats here it there right there jumping in side and attacking my hand as i take the washing out , and if i leave it on the floor once finshed they will get right inside and play for hours (supervised of course) but never had a problem with them chewing it. funny really what cats do , just as bad as kids sometimes lol
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If you have a garage, you could keep the garbage container in the garage. What I did was get the medium kitchen bags (Glad) that have the handle tie, and got a bigger trash can. The bag fits snugly around the top of the can and I can tuck it under the lid. I don't line the other trash bins anymore, and I put all plastic store bags under the counter. If I'm cleaning and using one of the large trash bags, I have tricks, like putting it in the bathroom and closing the door when the bag is not attended. It certainly is a challenge having a little plastic chewer in the house!
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I thought this thread was about Trout when I saw it She loves to eat plastic, I usually find some in her litterbox as waste every now and again..ew.

I just have to keep all bags and plastic out of her sight. If she sees it, she eats it.
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well the puppy spray said to spray it on the chewed item and let the pet taste it so we waited until she chewed the bag again, said NO, then I sprayed the bag and had her lick it, same with the bathroom trash, so far she's stayed away.
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My best idea with plastic trash bags if you have them in their cardboard packaging keep them in a drawer.Keeping them in a closet is not usually a good idea since some cats can open up closets.Mine is great at it.Two as far as the trash bag inside of your trashcan/barrel I spray it with some BITTER APPLE. Its a spray that dogs or cats do not like and you spray it on items that you don't want them chewing on and once the BITTER APPLE dries on the the edge of the trash bag that comes over the top of the trash barrel/trashcan dries on the item that you sprayed BITTER APPLE with the cat chews on it the BITTER APPLE leaves a bitter taste in their mouths and the don't like it.IT WILL NOT HARM YOUR CAT.If you have a closet that you feel comfortable that your cat can't open then I would keep your trash barrel in the closet of choice.If not then I would just use the trash barrel without a trash bag liner at least with doing that you don't have to worry about the cat getting a hold of the plastic trash bag and at least you can wash out the trashcan and just dump your trash into a trash bag for disposing of.On your trash pick up day.
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