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I bought some febreeze stuff the other day and I have been using it on my bed when I make it and I was wondering how often you spritz your bed or furniture. I can't do the furniture as often as I like because dad says its fine but we have pets so I think it needs a bit of febreeze once in a while I am going to do it tomorrow right before we leave because I have Christmas cards to send out.
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I LOVE Febreeze!
I also like the Renuzuit (sp) also. They have an Orchard smell I love... The mountain breeze is nice also
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I love Febreeze. I use it in the car to keep the seats and cushions smelling fresh.
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There are natural air freasheners made from essential oils such as Air Sense.
The chemical fragrances contain many carcinogenic substances, and trigger allergic reactions in many, me for one. The fragrance industry is not required to list all the chemicals in the product because it comes under trade secret, but of the ones they do list, at least 50% contain carcinogenics. You can research this information yourself by searching on allergies and fragrance. It is not necessary for you to inhale that stuff, and you would be much better off if you and your animals did not. Check out some of the natural fragrances, you can get in vitamin shops, or health stores, and you will be very pleased, and they don't cost anymore. Everyone should protect their health everyway they can.
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Don't use the stuff myself as I keep birds - I know of several people who have had birds killed from inhaling it!
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I usually only use it when someone is coming over..I don't think it smells bad in here, but I give it a spritz just in case when a guest is coming.
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I don't use it but the once on my weekly cleaning and a small spritz over my bed and I put a dryer sheet ontop of the heater filter it makes the whole house smell like lavendar and vanilla.
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many people have chemical sensitivities and those sprays and scents are really bad for them. I have to take my own sheets to stay with my sister-in-law because everything she washes and dries has some artificial horrible scent in them that closes up my airways. I also have to travel with my own (smaller version) down pillow. It's a drag.

Real scents = like cinnamon, oranges, essential oils etc dont do it to me, just the smells concocted in a lab. You might want to consider this for house guests. Sorry if I sound like a pain in the tush.

Achoo !!
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I bought a bottle of antibacterial Febreeze once, and used it liberally on curtains, throw rugs and pillows. Within 24 hours, I had to wash everything I'd doused with it, because Jamie kept sneezing. No more Febreeze in this house.
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Well dad says he doesn't like it cause it makes his chair damp and since I can't get him to wait to sit down he gets a wet seat.
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Don't use the stuff myself as I keep birds - I know of several people who have had birds killed from inhaling it!
Same here, along with candles, incense, etc (which I love all!) Lost a bird to horrible neurological problems from burning a glade candle, in another room, much less. Had my vet stumped at first, but she figured it out once we isolated the problem...Poor baby Dane. I still feel guilty when I think about it : (

I do keep fabreeze in the car, though. Especially nice for in between when I vacuum the seats and carpet every few weeks.
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I love Febreeze! That stuff rocks!!! (oh and on a little side note, don't buy the Target off-brand version of febreeze- it doesn't work well at all- i tried to save some $$$ once getting the target version of it, and it didn't do a thing.)
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many people have chemical sensitivities and those sprays and scents are really bad for them.
I am one of them. The latest things are these fragrance dispensers that spritz every 15 minutes. Ohh, I could gag. They had the nerve to put it in the ladies room at my gym. I complained about that and they have been removed. The natural scents are fine, but that other stuff is deadly, and for those that are not sensitive, it is still not good for you. We really need to keep as natural as possible. We use way too many unecessary chemicals these days.
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