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I'm in desperate need of help!

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I am in desperate need of some help and advice. I just posted a thread a couple of days ago about my new kitty that has been peeing on my bed. I've tried ALL of the suggestions (using citrus spray on the places she likes to pee, keeping the litter box in perfect condition and she is getting spayed on Monday morning). I'm just at my wits end! Every single night this week, I've had to wash my bedding because of this...and I'm just so frustrated. Tonight I even bought a vinyl cover for my mattress..but I'm putting it over the top of my bedding during the day so she won't get on there. If anyone has ANY suggestions, please email me. I just don't know what to do...
Thank you so much for everything...including letting me vent out my frustrations. I am really thankful for the being such a wonderful website on the Internet...it has helped me tremendiously.
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Shell have you taken this kitty to the vet to get checked out? That is the most important thing to do when your cat is peeing out of the litterbox. If she is going in for a spay, I would ask the vet to check for UTI.
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I personally have not taken her to the Vet yet. Her previous owner said that she started the peeing thing when they recently moved to a different house and they took her in to see the Vet. He said that she didn't have any kind of infection, but it was highly recommended that she was spayed. They didn't want to spay her because she is a purebreed Himalayan and wanted to breed her.
I do plan on asking the Vet about this and to check her for a UTI & etc. I've only got a few more days until she gets spayed, but I've got a feeling it's gonna be a LONG few days. Do you think that getting her spayed will help her peeing problem? I also think that maybe she's been doing this all along and her owners chose not to tell me that because they knew I wouldn't have taken her home. If that's the case, I don't know how to "potty train" a cat. My other two cats automatically went in the litter box and I didn't have to train them at all.
Sorry for the rambling...just a little frustrated with all of this.
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Shell....when you said this kitty came from another home, I began to wonder is she is very traumatized from first changing houses with them and then being re-homed herself!

Perhaps you can lock her out of the bedroom for these next few days?

I am anxious to hear how you make out........
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Another trick that may help, if you haven't already done this, is to wash your bedding with 2 cups of vinegar (no detergent). Vinegar neutralizes the amonia in the urine. Even if we humans can't smell it, the cat still can. If she's trying to mark her territory, which could be since she isn't spayed, she's probably wondering why in the heck you are taking her wonderful smell out of the bedding. She can still smell it a little and is refreshing it daily since you are diluting it daily.
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Heidi is right, once a cat sprays in one area, they return every three days to freshen the scent. Whether she is smelling a previous kitty that lived there before her, or if there is some feral outside getting her excited. Spaying will help. This gentleman makes a product that is very effective, it destroys the enzymes in cat urine and gets rid of the smell.

Odor Destroyer

You can read about his product here. I have used it in the past with good results. Good luck with your kitty.
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Thank you everyone for the advice. I promise to keep you all posted with what happens on Monday with her surgery.

So far, the past couple of days have gone quite well. I do hope I didn't jinx myself by saying that!
I have found that by putting the mattress cover on top over my bedding during the day has cut down my washing the sheets constantly. I did catch Tiki attempting to pee on my bed early yesterday morning...but I yelled at her and put her in the litter box. She wouldn't do her business right then, but I kept a close eye on her for a few minutes and she went back in there & pee-ed. So, hopefully she is learning that she must use the litter box or she's gonna be scolded.
Anyway...that's all for now...
I'll keep you all posted and thanks once again.
p.s...I've attached a picture of her. She is quite the sassy little girl!
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Shell- Good luck with Tiki. I am sure that everything will work out for you.

I see Tiki is a Dale Jr fan! Go Tiki! Jedi and I just LOVE NASCAR kitties!

BTW...Jedi is a Jimmie Johnson fan! While I....
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Tiki has very good taste in drivers, if I do say so myself! (I'm also a Tony Stewart fan, but Jr. ranks right up there!) Trent and Ophelia don't really care about NASCAR, but I found out last night that Ophelia likes Antonio Banderas when hubby was watching Desperado. Ophelia sat right in front of the TV mesmerized. LOL

Tiki is very pretty, too. Thanks for sharing her with us.
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Shell - what a wonderful and beautiful kitty she is!
Thank you for sharing a pic with us.
How did her surgery go today?
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Thank you...I'm a proud Mommy!
As for the surgery, I took her to the Vet at 8 this morning. They wanted to keep her overnight and they said they'd call me if they had any problems. I didn't hear anything from them, so I'm assuming that it went ok. I'm just worried sick. I've only had her for 2 weeks, but I've fallen in love with her and am missing her terribly right now. I just pray that she's ok. I'll keep everyone posted on how she is doing after I pick her up tomorrow.
Thanks so much for listening to me...I appreciate it a lot!
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Hello everyone!
I just picked up Tiki from the Vet and she's doing good. She seems a little groggy yet, but soon she'll be back to her old self again. The Vet told me that she didn't have any kind of infection in her bladder or kidneys and he thought that she's been peeing on my bed because she was mad that she was moved. She hasn't pee-ed on my bed since last week, so hopefully she is getting used to living with me and her new little buddies. The Vet also told me that when a cat has a UTI they usually pee in the little spots and don't empty their bladders completely. He suggested that if she starts to do this again, to keep her in a small room with food, water and her litter box for a few days. This way it will train her to use the box. My problem is that she uses to box most of the time...so I know that she knows it's the place she should be going in!
Well...I just thought I'd keep everyone posted on how her surgery and etc went. Thank you everyone for your caring words!
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I am glad that your Tiki is home and recovering from her surgery! Thanks for the update. It is very stressful having them at the Vets for sure!
let us know how she is doing in the 'bathroom' department!
Hugs to Tiki
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Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to give a short update on Tiki and her bedwetting problem. I've very proud of her...she has not pee-ed on my bed for 9 days. This is the longest stretch with out her doing this! Yippy! I almost felt like throwing a "No Potty Party" this weekend!LOL!
As for her surgery and etc, she is doing great. The first couple of days she was really sore and didn't move around too much. I can tell she's feeling better now because it sounds a like herd of buffalo running through the upstairs bedrooms! I'm really shocked how well my other cats accepted her. Bud was a little mad at first, but he got over it within a couple of days and Echo instantly warmed up to her. Now all three run and play through out the house...and I've even caught them sleeping together. I almost got a picture of it...it was truly a Kodak moment!LOL!
Well..just thought I'd keep everyone posted and hope you all have a great weekend!
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What a happy ending to what started out as a very stressful story. I'm so glad that Tiki is doing so well and that all of your kitties are getting along so wonderfully!
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That is wonderful that everything seems to be working out for little Tiki. We can have a little "No Potty Party" here with you. It's always good to hear happy endings!

:blubturq: :blubturq:
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