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I want THAT TOY, not this one.

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The day finally came (I knew it would) when Gizmo managed to pull her fur mousie toy into small, easily swallowed bits.
She would have been perfectly happy to eat it--that was her objective--but I took the ruined toy away and got her a duplicate of the same one that my parents got her as a present.

I've had to rotate Gizzy's toys out or 're-fur-bish' them every three months or so and this has never been a problem before. Lo and behold, Gizmo now wants THAT mouse and no other. This is the most thoroughly ruined toy she's had--there was literally nothing left of it after she got through other than a bit of ribbon, about six strands of fur, and a small bell.

I can try sewing the last pathetic bit of fur onto her new toy, if it will take a needle, but i've tried this recently and she loses interest in the toys now when they are repaired. Nothing else has changed.

She plays a little desultorily with the new mouse but doesn't roll around kicking it like she usually does. Gizmo is on a vigil for 'her' mouse. How do I get her to play with new toys?

Ps. Soaking them in catnip juice is a nonstarter with her.
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She'll get over it and accept the new mouse eventually. Reeses is the same way with some of her toys. Her #1 toy is one of the "feather & bell on an elastic at the end of a plastic rod" toys, but she used to have a mouse that she wound up eating most of. So, we got her a new one. This time a big one that she really can't eat, is more durable in all respects, and even 'squeaks' when you move it. She didn't touch it for a few weeks but now she throws it around the house and goes nuts with it.
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I don't know! My Max loved a little yellow sponge ball (looked like a nerf golf ball) and played with it so much it shrunk down to the size of a marble. He'd growl at other cats that tried to touch that ball (even though we had a dozen others like it in the house), and we knew he had a girlfriend in Little Mom when he would carry it over to her and drop it at her feet. We buried him with it when he crossed.

It's just weird the toys they pick. I never really got him to play with other toys (other than his human slaves).
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rub the tattered bits of the old toy with the new one and then whenever you can rub the new toy against her cheek pads. make it smell like her and she will want it more. well that's my crazy theory and it seems to work here.
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I tied the tattered bits of the old toy to the new mousie. She plays with it a little but not much. I told her that she hasn't got much of a choice; she literally ripped the old toy to tiny bits.
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MooCow's toy of choice was a scrunchie... which he loved to play fetch with and tear at with his teefers. At first he didn't like the new ones but it helped when I rubbed it all over him when I took it out of the package. He went through several of them (it was his security blankie, he started chewing it when he was getting his big boy teeth and never stopped).

We eventually had to put scrunchie in a hiding place and schedule supervised scrunchie time. It would be put away when he started pulling at the fabric. He got to the point where any scrunchie was his scrunchie, even if the object of his scrunchie affection was still in his mommy's hair (ouch). His last scrunchie lasted several months... but he was still on supervised visitation.
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Gizmo now plays with the toy very well, the tissue paper on the floor makes a great hidey place for the mousie and drives Gizmo into rabbit-kicking bliss. Hopefully she won't tear this one to pieces this time.
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My baby arrived at my home with one white fur mouse that she loved, tossed and carried around. And yes, eventually destroyed so it was only a sad lump of plastic with a few soggy tufts of nasty greyish fur. I have tried to interest her in MANY other toys, and I am always on the lookout for a duplicate white fur mouse. She eventually decided she loved the felt safari mice and only when I picked a sodden one off the floor and noticed she ate the tail did I figure out why. Now all her toys are "groomed" by cutting off the tails and tags and whiskers that she loves to dine on. She goes thru phases and I rotate her toys.

And those feather teasers? She is on feather number 5 (or is it six?) and carries them around in her mouth like a dog. I have to pick up spares and hide them and ration them out or she will just go nuts with them. I find them in the morning in the bed next to me on the pillow (which scared me silly when I woke up and didn't know what it was )

Worth every penny and every minute watching her play is priceless.
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Fuzzy is so aggressive with all the toys! he thinks that they all belong to him. Lucky likes to eat those little hard mice. I dont know why.. its really odd.
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