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Cataracts operation?

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This is my first post here.

I have 9 yr old cats- they are brother and sister- Milo and Roni.

Roni was just diagnosed with cataracts in her left eye. I noticed when the light shined on her eyes- the left one was suddenly lighter and a bit cloudy so I took her to the vet- where she was diagnosed.

The Vet said they can operate to correct it- but told me it wasn't necessary since she's an indoor cat and losing sight in 1 eye won't effect the quality of her life.

But I have to admit- I feel bad and almost guilty for not fixing her sight- when I can.

Does anyone have opinions or experience with this sort of surgery?

Like I said- I feel bad if I don't do anything- but if the surgery is dangerous or risky- then maybe it is better to leave well enough alone.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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Boy, this is a tough one. IF you can do the operation and IF you WANT to do the operation and IF you trust your vet, I would suggest another round of discussions to find exactly what the pros and cons are.

Then you can make an informed decision.
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Hi Mike,

None of my furkids have experienced cateract surgery. I understand they have come a long way with it in animals with remarkable results. It is, however, rather expensive. You must see a vet opthamologist, there is no way I would trust a regular vet to do this specialized surgery. In this area, the cost is about $2500.00 per eye.

Years ago I had a kitty develope cateracts in both eyes when she was just about 4 or 5. Back then they didn't even do cateract surgery on cats. She was an indoor kitty and remained an indoor kitty for the rest of her life. She passed away just shy of being 17 and was pretty much blind by that point. She did very well. Up untill she became ill, she still ran full speed through the house just like she could see. We did have to be carful not to leave anything lying around that she could hurt herself on should she run into it, namely anything with any sharp edges. Was her quility of life effected? Of course, she couldn't chase the mice that our other cat brought in for her. Was she happy? Most definately. She was loved and kept safe. She was playful, energetic, and spent a lot of time cuddling and purring.

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