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OK i understand the pixels and I made a whole bunch of signatures that I like before you know my free trial runs out I have 4 days and all of mine bytes are too big, and I cant figure out how to get them smaller??? Any help on how to do that one/??? Should I post some and can any one fix them?? I need some help, any would be great !!! and greatly appreciated !
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OK, do you have a free trial of Photoshop? If you do, all you have to do, is under the saving options, "Save for the Web", If the image is larger than 30 bytes, all you have to adjust it down lower, until the byte size is 30 bytes or less. I think it's better to adjust it to just below 30 bytes, to be on the safe side, because sometimes the byte size will get a bit larger on Photobucket.

However, if you find that too difficult, you can post the pictures here and either I, or one of the other signature designers can save them for the web for you.
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Ok i tried to resize but I can not figure it out lol, I am a ditz I have a few well alot that I have done and I guess I will just post my photobucket link also tell me what you think about them as well !!!!

Thank you so much if someone can resize these for me ! It would be GREATLY appreciated
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You did a great job of trying to fit them all in to the siggy - I find any more than 2-3 difficult and I have been making them for ages.

And I love the Let It Snow one and the I am the Queen one

What software are you using? That way someone who uses the same software can help you a bit more.

They are all over sized though, you can try opening them in MS Paint and resaving if 'Save for Web' doesn't work for you, Paint has great compression capabilities. Or use irfanview. Something else you could try is making them 550x134 as then you can have a line of text and the image is smaller so less file size!
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thanx, the software that I was using was photoshop a free trial, I tried my best with all of them to fit my mom wanted one with all of the animals so I tried it and I guess I did alright (well good enough for her she loved them) But I will give trying to resize in paint a try but I was using photoshop, I have three days left in my trial but what are you goin to do
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If you scroll down on this page (click) you can see how to save for web in photoshop (the last image)
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