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Isis tonight.

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Here is Isis tonight, resting on the ottoman under my desk. I want to take a picture of her sitting up but she just doesn't cooperate.

Here is my daughter a few weeks ago. We let her watch tv and lay out with us on the weekends until she falls asleep. She always whines because the cats don't sleep with her. I always tell her that they do, they just come after she is asleep...so I took the picture to prove it to her!

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awe isis is so cute sleeping , I always try to get sitting up pictures and well it never works ..and ur daughter and the kittie is just too cute I love my kitties sleeping with me I wake up several times (I am a bad sleeper) and they are always some where else, also my oldest brother did what you did to his 3 year old daughter cause she wanted the kitten to sleep with her and she was (mind you she sleeps with my brother because she will not sleep in her own room by herself so his room now has two beds) and now the kitten runs from her when shes awake but she does sleep with her every night lol
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same in my house. I let her sleep with me when daddy is working for 2 reasons: she doesn't like her room but the main reason is that it's just me and her at night and i feel better with her right next to me. We had a serial rapist for 2 years terrorizing the town. Granted he always found an open window but still. He targeted a 2 year old....grrr! They finally caught him this year.

They run from her when she is awake but that's because she tries to force things on them. I have a picture but i can't find it of gabriel with the sunglasses...I did find this one of Sephie. And she wonders why they run. Keep in mind this is a MALE cat..he looks thrilled.

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Originally Posted by Rosey View Post
. Keep in mind this is a MALE cat..he looks thrilled.

Yeah right!
Great photos!
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The pic of your kitty sleeping with your daughter is precious. The one with the crown on his head . What a beautiful daughter you have!
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Awwwww don't they all look cute!
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Adorable pics...Love the one of your daughter asleep with the kitty...they are both beautiful
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