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Cat Allergy Question

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In a posting a while back, I recall reading something (don't quote me but I think it was from granniesmom) about there being something on the market that a doctor can prescribe for cat allergies. My doctor has always told me there is nothing that can be done for allergies against cats/dogs. I am really interested in finding out if there does exist something somewhere for cat allergies. Although I have become somewhat immune to Whiskers, I am starting to notice that I am having more and more problems with my allergies when I'm around her. This has been going on for approx. 2 months. I take Reactine for Hay Fever. It's been a terrible year for allergies but I find it's much worse for me when i am working on my computer, which happens to be located in "her" area. (this is being changed in 2 weeks).

Does anyone know if there is anything that can be prescribed for such allergies?

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Thanks. I have no idea why I never saw the response to my question back then. I think I'm guessing that as soon as someone responds to a thread, I'll get a notice but I think I need to ask for it to let me know? Hey....one of these days I'll be a posting pro at TCS!

Funny thing about all of this is that I was getting those weekly shots and was also told by the Allergist that there was nothing he could give me to fight Cat allergies. Weird. I'm wondering if it's a Canada thing.

I will look into the Zyrtec medication and will check out the hsus web site.

Thanks for all you help!

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Galensgranny....if you are reading this, I am sooooo sorry for the name mix-up. I wasn't even anywhere close (except for the granny part). *sigh* That's what happens when you take a guess.
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Hi Ghys! I moved this to the health forum, I hope that's okay...I thought you might get more input and advice here on this subject!
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Ghys, I think your Drs. are on drugs. I got allergy shots for a very long time, and I know that I had dog and cat dander in the mix. Also, Zyrtec is an amazing med. Even on the commercials they specifically say that it works for indoor and pet allergies.
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Does anyone know if this is done in Canada? I have an appointment on Sept. 16th and I will once again ask him. I am really confused now as to why I was told nothing can be done for me if in fact, there is so much 'stuff' available on the market.
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Guess I am partially answering my own question. Found a web-site that does distribute Zyrtec in Canada. I will check out the pharmacy next.
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Thought I'd share one last thing. (Promise)

On friday, a few co-workers and I were talking about allergies. I don't know about anywhere else but.....allergy season out here for the past 2 weeks (months for me!) has been horrible. Quite a few of us are sniffling and rubbing our eyes etc. And....we are all taking Reactine! I've suggested buying in bulk :LOL:

Anyways, one of the guys told me that for cat allergies, he was told to leave a dish full of vinegar sitting in the area that his cat seemed to spend more time. Apparently it gets rid of the dander and, there is no danger in the cat ingesting this because they won't go near the dish. Has anyone heard of this? I don't think I'll do this because knowing my other two kids, I risk having vinegar spills on the floor/carpet. Just thought it was a really different suggestion than I'd been given.
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