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We really need some help. We have just got a new addition to our family. My boyfriend recently had a cat wander up to his door step, terribly malnutritioned and very cold in the winter missouri weather. We brought him over to our apartment and bought him some wet food and high calorie gel. We gave him a bath to wash off the blood and dirt, we wiped the gunk from his eyes and nose and gave him a very warm blanket to sleep with. The problem is he won't eat. I mean, his spine is sticking up out of his back and his hips are jutting out. I tried putting food in his mouth and he ate for a little bit but then just curls up in one of our laps and won't eat! We're terrified for our new baby and we want to see him get healthy and happy. Please help us.
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Has he seen a vet yet? He could have a virus or infection that has caused the decline in his appetite. The vets have appetite stimulants that may be able to encourage your cat to eat. Also, try different types of food. See if he'll eat some canned Friskies or Fancy Feast just to get him eating again. You can warm it slightly to increase the aroma of it in case he's having a hard time smelling it.
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Make sure he is being offered healthy high quality food and drizzle some stinky tuna juice over it and warm it in the microwave. They have a hard time resisting that. If he is young, offer some Whiskas Cat Milk.

He really needs to get into a vet. The vet will know what exactly he needs. He is probably dehydrated and may need fluids. If he is they deteriorate really fast when dehydrated so that is really important he goes in.

Good luck!
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It also sounds like he may have an upper respiratory infection. You perhaps you could call your vet and explain the situation and get some antibiotics for him

You may need to continue to force feed. May I suggest getting some strained baby meats, preferably beef, taking a small amount and mixing with water to make slurry and using a syringe to put it in his mouth? That will help get some nourishment and water into his system before you get to the vets.
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He might also be dehydrated. If you can't get him to a vet, try using a feeding syringe to put water in his mouth, just a little at a time.

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Awwwww poor baby. He needs to see a vet ASAP. Please keep us updated. Sending prayers for a happy outcome, thank you for taking him in.
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