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Wednesday Night DT

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Hi everyone!

Since I haven't had much time to post lately, I thought I'd drop in and sum up my past week-end & week all in one.

We went to Toronto last week-end. Tried in vain to contact Adrienne. *sniff* She was nowhere to be found. I was looking forward to meeting my first Cat Site friend. Hopefully soon/next time, right Ady? I know its vacation time for her right now.
Anyways....went to the Toronto Zoo. Spent the afternoon and then off to my step-fathers home. We stayed in Ferrgus, Ontario for the night. it was really nice/quiet. The boys loved staying overnight elsewhere than in their own home.

I am working on year end at the office so i don't have much down time but I am thinking about all you guys! Who'd have thought I'd get so attached after only 3 months? People, beware! This site is addictive! :LOL:

Wishing you all a great end of week.

My oldest is back in school and my 'baby' starts next week. He has his first 3 day week the week of Sept. 16th. I can't wait for him to go. He is so excited.

Hope everyone else's week is going well.

Take care!
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LONG day at work today. I tell you, having to think on a new level is exhausting! I just wanted to come home and cry(but I haven't yet though) on the plus side, my horrible neighbors might be moving! I saw a Ryder van in front of their house when I came home, SO I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are moving out and not moving yet ANOTHER person into that house...
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Barb....I haven't heard about your neighbors but.....my fingers are crossed for you that it is indeed a moving "out" and not "in"!
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Quick insight for ya..
They rent a two story house and have at least 10 or more people living in it. There are at least 3 families that occupy this house and their friends are horribly inconsiderate. They will stop by at all hours of the day and night, blaring their music in the car, honking to get the neighbors attention instead of shutting off the car, going to the door and knocking. They sit outside on the porch at all hours of the night and talk loudly, laughing and generally talking at decibles that would shatter most humans ears, knowing full well that we sleep right in the front bedroom nearest to their porch.
Their kids taunt our cats given the chance(not very often, moms learned to watch her fur kids closely) their kids will run around our house and car when playing tag,(and have almost scratched my car numerous times) play dodge ball right in front of our central air unit thus resulting in them hitting the unit with the ball.
Now mind you, I am a really easy going person, I try to not get mad(I have a temper that only the Gods rival) but comeon, there are a few limits that need to be set here, 1: ABSOLUTELY NO taunting of my cats in ANY way shape or form. 2: NO running around my car, no matter what! 3: no throwing that d@mn ball at my a/c unit. I have repeatedly told their kida about these over and over but it falls on deaf ears. The other people in the house seem to not care if I ask then politely to restrain their monsters. So my question to you is: do you blame me for wanting them to move???
Sorry, venting time.. My bad.....
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Ghys..glad you had a great time in Toronto!! Sorry you couldn't find Ady, though.

Barb, your neighbors sound just awful!!! I hope they move!!!

Had a pretty good day today. An old friend I hadn't seen for a year stopped by and we had a good visit.
Amber had a good day, too. She slept a little more than usual, so I actually got a good long nap in, but the downside is that now it is late, and I am wide awake.
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Barb....I am amazed that you still have your sanity. I would have killed someone by now. Have the authorities ever been called? Sometimes doing that can make matters worse but at this point...can it get any worse for you?

I am crossing fingers and toes that they are ALL moving out!!!

Debby, glad to hear you had a good day with your friend! Glad Amber let you nap! Sooooo, what time did you actually get to bed?
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Didn't see this thread, until this morning. I'm up way too early.

Debby, just sleep, whenever you can. That's the only way to survive, with a new baby. I used to tell my kids, "Mommy's tired. You go take a nap." Once they were toddlers, the only time that I didn't have to watch them was when they were asleep.

Once you go back to work, make everybody pitch in with the housework. The crock pot was my best friend, for several years. Coming home from work and, then cooking dinner, would have been rough.
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Sorry Ghys! I was probably out running around getting ready for the cottage! Next time for sure!
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