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As I sit here and read these devastating stories, I can't help but to think of a couple cats that were somewhat part of my life. When I was in college in 1991 in San Luis Obispo, CA, my girlfriend and I had 2 cats, a grey tortie named Jasper and a brown tabby named Oscar. After we broke up, she kept the cats and I would see them when I visited her. One day in the Summer of '92, she calls me up, bawling, telling me that Oscar just had to be put to sleep. Don't remember why, though. Jasper had already disappeared and was never to be seen again. She then got Tigger, another brown tabby. She had him for about 6 months until she woke one morning to see him in the kitchen, dead in the corner. Died during the night. She took that REAL hard. In Fall 1993, she adopted Mister, a beautiful Siamese/Abysinnian/Tabby mix. He lived a semi-long life and died just at the beginning of this year. She didn't tell me how as we aren't on good terms at the moment. I don't think she will be getting another cat soon as she just had a baby girl and got a dog last summer.

BTW, they were all inside cats. So, it couldn't have been from something outside.

Just thought I would share!!

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What a sad story. She really did not have much luck with cats. I think I would have been devestated also if I were her. Hopefully she'll have better luck with the dog!
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Unfortunately, she doesn't care much for the dog!! Her husband wanted the dog.
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Keith. Remembering these little ones is very kind of you.
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I can't help but observe how much impact these furry purrers make on our lives. I can remember all my friends pets from childhood, and how old I was when Susie followed me home from school, etc. They make a real impact on us, don't they? It's possible that your friend's cat had a virus and passed it on, or she just had heart breaking bad luck.
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