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Fun Santa photos today!

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I went along to the local Pet Food Express today to help out the shelter with the Santa photos they were doing.

I ended up manning the camera and printer, and we didn't have a huge amount of people in (it's a cold, windy day), but we had enough to make it worth it, and it was so much fun

We had big goofy dogs, little dressed up dogs, perfectly behaved show dogs, and a couple of cats!

Santa was pretty exhausted by the end of it all!!!
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Oh I bet that was fun
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AWE!!! That would have been sooooo CUTE!

I think I'm going to get my kitties pics taken with santa if there is a place doing that this year.
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I bet they were cute. I wish you had pics!
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I want to get bean's picture taken with santa. Hopefully petco's doing it again this year.
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Sounds like fun! Back when I first got Dori I brought her to have her picture taken with Santa at Petsmart. Poor Dori was in line with several dogs... she was the only cat
That's something I would never do again because I know now how stressful it was for her...but I think she handled it well.
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Aw, I'm sure it was very cute
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Aw - Christmas pictures with Santa for the furbabies! How sweet! Jacob would love that - Loki would hate it!
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