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found kitty

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I just found a well fed very tame kitty outside my door. It let me pick it up and pet it and it was purring. I think it may have just gotten away from the owners, but doesn't have a colar. Do I bring it inside or leave it outside? I have two cats of my own
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Is there anywhere in your house that you could use to separate the kitty you found from your other two cats? Perhaps you could take this kitty in and look for it's owners by putting up flyers, calling vets offices and animal shelters in your area to see if anyone nearby lost their kitty.
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I seem to remember you are preparing to leave on a trip which is something you need to consider. I would hang some signs in the neighborhood FOUND CAT.
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I talked to the people in the office at my apartment complex and one of the ladies took the sweet kitty home. She is going to hang flyers, but she thinks the cat was probably abandoned, and if she can't find the owner the kitty has a good home with her
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A very happy story! Thanks for caring for that kitten!
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