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Continued vibes for Maisie's continued and complete recovery ~~~~~~
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Sorry, I'm late too! Glad to hear that Maisie is doing better! Here's to a speedy recovery!!! Isn't awful to worry about our animals when something happens? Ugh, it's a terrible feeling!
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Good good news! That she is up and on all fours is a very good thing!
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I'm so glad she is doing better...wow that was quite a scare!!
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Glad to hear of this good news. Wishing her continued recovery.
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Hoping her health continues to improve/
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Nice news, Jenny!! Here's hoping the improvement continues and your girl is back to her old self soon.
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That is very hopeful news...
More vibes are on the way her the improvement continues.
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Just checking to see how Maisie is feeling today.
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Keep the vibes coming - she is not well this morning and I have called for another vet visit. She hasn't eaten anything - does not even want any apple and was lying in the mud outside her shelter when I went to see them this morning. I led her into the shelter and she just immediately lay down again, at least on straw this time. Now she is standing outside, her head down, looking very dejected. She is not trembling though, the way she was on Saturday. I am scared not just for her, but for the foal she is carrying. I have to say I feel very helpless.
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Continued Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ heading straight to Maisie
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(((((((((more healthy vibes))))))))) on their way. Come on Maisie start eating sweetie!.
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More vibes headed your way
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Oh, Jenny, how upsetting! Come on, Maisie, eat for Mum, and get your strength up for the wee one you are carrying. Lotsa vibes
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Oh Jenny
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...Oh Jenny...{{{{{Lots of good vibes}}}}} coming your way!
DonĀ“t give up!
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I waited all day for the vet, going to check on Maisie every hour or so while she just lay in her stable. She hasn't eaten anything or pooped all day. He has at last been and gone, and told me she is constipated but her fever has gone. He gave her more antibiotics and a vitamin injection. Tomorrow I have to get some bran and get a litre of that down her in a bran mash, and he hopes that will move the blockage. He sees no need for blood tests or anything else at this stage, and told me I am giving her the right diet, so why she should get constipated I have no idea. There is nothing in the field she could have eaten to cause it. But I remember being constipated when I was pregnant, so that could have something to do with it! The foal is OK, he listened carefully for the heartbeat.
She is a little minx though, as soon as she thinks you are going to do something she doesn't like, she rolls until you have to let go the headcollar, then she's off! And she is really difficult to catch as right now she is not showing any interest in the usual apple or carrot. I can't tie her up or even shut the stable in as she freaks completely. She has been in the open air for three years and will not be enclosed. So thanks for the vibes and keep them coming. I need some too as I am finding it very hard to concentrate on what I should be doing, my lectures for February.
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Sending lots of vibes to Maisie and the little one she's carrying. And for you too Jenny!
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I'll keep the vibes coming for you & Maisie!
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Lots of vibes for Maisie!
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Kitters and I are sending you and Maisie huge vibes! You are doing everything you can and it will all work out in the end. Just stay strong for you and her! We're all here for you!
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I hope you can have her eat the bran mash and that it does the job. Can you sweeten it so its more appealing? Can you find out about her last pregnancy if this occurred? Sending get well to Maisie vibes{{}}.
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Aww! Bless her..........Maisie(as well as you) have many vibes. Hope she gets well soon!
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Jenny, Masie and baby....((((hugs))))
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All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Jenny - hugs and "be strong" and "hang in there" vibes comin' at ya! And, of course, "be well" vibes to Maisie & baby!
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Checking in for a Maisie update, hope she is better today.
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Well, she is still not right, but I think she pooped! At least there is a fresh one in the field and it is too large for Tartine! I got some liquid paraffiin down her but she wouldn't touch the nice bran mash I made her with apple in it. She is grazing a little, and I have moved the electric fence to give her access to some fresh grass. I also removed all the straw from her shelter, in case she was eating that, which could have caused a blockage, But she still rolls sometimes, as if she has pain in spasms, and stretches out her hind legs in a way that is not normal. SO I just have to wait now for a few hours to see if the paraffin works and makes her feel better. At least it is not raining and we have some sun today, though it is very cold. She was rolling in mud during the night and looked so miserable and bedraggled this morning.
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Your animals are not making your life easy at the moment are they.
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