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Vibes for Maisie please!

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Last night I noticed that my Shetland mare, Maisie, was shivering, and I put it down to the appalling weather. I made their shelter all coosy and left them in it. But this morning she was not happy, and had a foot she would not put on the ground. It didn't seem swollen or hot, but by lunchtime she was not eating or letting Tartine suckle. So I called the vet and he took three hours to get here. Maisie really scared me by lying down with her head extended, making little whimpering noises. She really wanted petting too, which is still unusual as she is pretty wild most of the time. I spent the afternoon with my arms round her neck. Anyway the vet says she has a fever of unknown origin, though her foot seems fine, and she has had antibiotic and tetanus injections that I have to repeat tomorrow and Monday. She is now grazing in the field for the first time since this morning, so maybe she is feeling better. I am so paranoid about any of them now, so would welcome your vibes.
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Bless her little heart She HAS to get better Jenny!

Sending Maisie (((((Mega healthy vibes )))))) over.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you! I hope she feels better soon.
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Oh, poor you, and poor Maisie and Tartine!

Good health vibes Maisie, and general good vibes for you and Tartine.
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Poor Maisie! {{{{{Lots of good vibes}}}}} coming your way!
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Sending Healthy vibes to Maisie
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{{{}}}Vibes for all of you there, Jenny. I know you had a time with all the rain and muck. Get well soon Maisie!
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I'm sending my vibes to you and her as well. Please get 100 percent better soon, Maisie.
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Tons of good vibes coming Maisy's way Jenny!
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Sending many vibes that Maisie feels better soon
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tons & tons & tons of healthy {{{{{vibes }}}}}} whizzing to Maisie and some for you.............keep us posted
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, Maisie!
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Healthy vibes to Maisie, and to you, Jenny!
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Oh no, I am sending many vibes that she will be okay
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I hope Maisie's health improves!!
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Oh poor horsies! Praying she feels better soon!
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Oh, Jenny! Many, many vibes for Maisie, and for you. I hope your girl is feeling lots better very soon.
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Ah poor Maisie girl..wild as she is, she knows she can trust you and how much you care.

Sending vibes for her to be back to normal asap.
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Many prayers coming her way!!! Poor baby.
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Oh Jenny....
How is Maisie doing now...better I hope?
Is she letting Tartine suckle yet?

I am sending all of the healing vibes that I have to the 3 of you.
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I'm sending great big hugs and vibes over to your Maisie right now!

I really think she'll get better, and I hope so, too!
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Many vibes coming your way
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Tons of {{{{{vibes}}}}} for little Maisie!
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Aw - vibes for Maisie, AND YOU! Poor baby. I hope she's ok; please let us know!
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I can't help but think that our "Maisie" here is a beautiful Himalayan across the street, who was beloved Sasha's best girl!
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Hope Maisie is feeling better today.
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Thanks everyone. I spent a sleepless night and was out twice in the field in my dressing gown and wellies with a torch! It was a black, moonless night, but fortunately the rain seems to have stopped for the moment.

Anyway, this morning the news is good. Maisie is in the field grazing, and putting weight on all her feet. She will not let Tartine suckle yet though, and pushes or lightly kicks her away. I don't know if it is because it is time to stop her, or if she is feeling discomfort. Her teats seem normal - no signs of swelling or heat. Tartine is OK, she was only suckling a bit occasionally anyway and is eating and drinking well on her own now.

Now I have find someone who will hold her while I give her the next penicillin injection!
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Glad to hear a good report! I'm glad to know the little one is eating on her own too.
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I've just seen this, Jenny!

That's good news that Maisie is feeling a bit better! I hope she continues on this trend
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oh thats great news. I hope she continues to get better.
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