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URI & worms

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How can you tell if a cat has URI? The vet told us that the new kitty's lungs sound healthy but look out for URI that could develope of the next few days.
All my cats are freaked from the fleas so I can't tell if they are reacting to the meds with their grooming or there is something else going on. I am home all day and probably reading too much into thing. Molly has asthma so I can't tell by her coughing. She is coughing more but I believe it's the stress since it happens more with the kitten around. She is playing normal and without attacks.

Molly did want lunch yesterday and today which is not normal. Isn't over-hungry a sign of worms? I have a sample of the new guys poo but need to bring it over. How fresh does it have to be for the vet to look at it?

Lucky is acting as usual. He does mess with his ears a bit more but again I don't know if it is related to the flea meds or not.

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Upper Respiratory symptoms are pretty clear cut. You should see runny eyes, a runny nose and because the nose is not working right, your baby will not want to eat or drink. Your baby may do a LOT of sleeping and not want to play.

If you suspect that your baby is starting to have symptoms, call your vet and start the antibiotics as soon as possible. The sooner the better.
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