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Fantasy Christmas Dinner - Your Guests

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So you & your partner are allowed to invite up to 6 guests - anyone from any social circle, artists, authors, actors, musicians, celebs in or deceased........but you must say why

Heres mine

1/ George Best - when he was 30 - cos my husband loves football and Manchester United
2/ Robin Williams, well he'd probably count for another 20 guests, he is so funny
3/ Steve Martin, I recently saw him on some TV show (not a chat show) and he is so intelligent and has lots of interests
4/ Victoria Wood, sorry another comedian, but she is so insightful about womens issues
5/ Jamie Oliver, so he can cook for us and tell us tales of his career
6/ Natalie Cole, so she can sing to us and tell us about her life

Cheers everyone..................
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I have to think about this and get back...

Which reminds me of another thread I promised to do that. Back soon!
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I would invite 6 hot single guys Don't know who though........
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I'd invite Paul Stanley(of course), Johnny Depp, Oprah Winfrey, Julie Andrews, Jimmy Kimmel, & David Letterman
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1. Orlando Bloom, because my 16 year old Daughter thinks he's HOT.
2. Angelina Jolie-Pitt, because I think she is pretty.
3. Jodie Foster, because she is a darn good Actress.
4. Bob Seiger, cause he is a wonderful singer.
5. Any football player from the Bengals team, cause my hubby LOVES that team.
6. Travis Tritt, so him and my hubby could play some music together and sing.
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Do they have to be famous?? If not... then this is who I'd want:

1. My dad's dad - he passed away 4 years ago from Prostate Cancer
2. My Great Uncle - he passed away 6 years ago from Brain Cancer
3. My Great Grandma - she passed away 4 years ago from nothing inparticular but old age - she was 95 and had a better mind than I do!
4. My Grandma's parents - I don't remember my Great Grandma, she passed away before I got to know her - and the same with my Great Grandpa, I'd love to sit down with them and just talk about 'the good 'ol days'
5. My Dad's mom - she was an amazing woman from what I was told. She died when I was 2, I don't remember her either.
6.John's Grandpa - he was only 50 when he passed, he was a police officer and died in the line of duty - John never met him but he was an amazing man, I'd love to meet him.


1. Travis Barker - reason? He's hot!
2. Justin Timberlake - same reason!
3. Jennifer Aniston - she's beautiful, smart, and just seems like a wonderful woman.
4. Derrick from the Real World/Road Rules Challange
5. Oprah - I've always wanted to meet her - Maybe she'll buy me a house or something
6. Beyonce - She seems like a real woman - I'd love to meet her!
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My Mom and Dad (both deceased)

Celebrity? Viggo Mortensen
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Tina, my lovely baby kitty. Rest happily over the rainbow bridge!
Rachel McAdams- She is the best actress ever and I would love to meet her! She inspires me!
Einstein- That would just be awesome!
Willie!!!!!!---I know hes not famous, but MAYBE HE WILL BE ONE DAY!!!!lol (And he'll make his buddy who Tine, who he never met, famous too!)
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I would just invite one, Adonis, and Jim (SO) is not invited
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well you asked for it.
1. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!! well cause he's my top fave hottie since I was 13years old. And well at almost 23 that sure says alot LOL!
2. Daniel Day-Lewis. he is an amazing actor
3. Mikey. He would have to be there he's my buddie!!
4. Rosie O'Donnell. She is hilarious and a great women.
5.Jessica Alba. I would love to stare at her for like hours on end.
6.George Lopez. his sense of humor reminds me a lot of my aunts and uncles.

okay its sad i didnt include Dan or my family but come on!! just one if your talking thanksgiving i wouldnt trade them in for anyone else!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Celebrity? Viggo Mortensen
Im watching that movie he played in with Michael Douglas where he was payed to kill Michael D.'s wife after having an affair with her. thats pretty sweet!
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I would just invite one, Adonis, and Jim (SO) is not invited
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
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Famous, I would invite:

1. Robin Williams. I am writing a paper on him for my drama class and I would love a face to face interview
2. Louis Riel ~ He's dead, but he was a great Metis man and I'd love to ask him some questions about the past.
3. John A. Macdonald ~ So I could give him an earful (first Canadian prime minister)
4. Rosie O'Donald ~ We have such great conversations!
5. Elvis ~ just because I'd love to hear him live!
6. Marilyn Monroe ~ To find out more about her and what happened to her.

Not Famous:

1. My paternal grandfather ~ died when I was 2
2. My maternal grandmother ~ Died before I was born.
3. Maternal grandfather ~ Died before I was born
4. My mom ~ So I could see her with her mom and dad
5. My dad ~ So I could see him with his father
6. My paternal grandmother~ so she could be reunited with her husband, even if it was only for one dinner.
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