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Just wanted to say that Nakita's hair on her chest is finally growing back in! This picture was taken this morning. She started pulling out the hair because of the food/environmental allergies we've been battling over the last 6 months.

I'm just happy she's getting that wonderful chest hair back! Not a usual statement when speaking of a female, is it?

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That's just wonderful! I'm so happy for you and for her!
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Thats great Kass! She's so beautiful!
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Ah hair or no hair she's lovely But that's good that it's getting better
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Her hair looks fantastic!
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wow its looking real snuggly give her some snuggles from us
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that is great...she's so pretty
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That is so wonderful. I'm so glad she's getting better.
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Awww it's come back lovely and thick from the looks of it as well
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That's great to see! she's beautiful
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She looks great! You must be so relieved that she seems to be recovering.
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I just love the pics of Nakita! All that fur will be so soft when it is fully back in. Kitters has done that twice to herself near her butt and back of neck! She has like skin allergies and has to be washed with hydrocortizone shampoo and wear jammies when it happens to her!! (But she's so soft afterwards!)
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Awwww look at that pretty girl
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What a beauty I'm glad to see she is doing better
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