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Cat Was Stung On Paw

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I need some help here. About 5 months ago my cat was playing with a bee in the window and ended up catching it and was stung on the center of his paw. It started swelling at the time but he just walked it off so I thought he was good to go. But here lately he has been favoring it, holding it up, cleaning it often. Come to find out it is still swollen and red, it is also very dry and cracked. Im trying to figure out what I might can put on it to heal the cracking. I have called the vet and I just cant seem to get a date to get him in around my schedule. Can someone please help me and does anyone know what I could put on his paw.
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Hi and welcome to TCS............heres some info from the web

its a good idea to get to your vet ASAP for an examination to ensure there has been no asthma type of reaction, and to administer an injection of anti-histamines and/or cortisone.

Some mention using an anti-histamine cream............but I cannot vouch for that, so maybe you could check with a vet that this sort of cream would be OK. All the other web pages just talk about "how to recognise a sting or bite" and also that the sting/bite could become infected, which would need vets attention.

Anyway, heres hoping you can get a vets appt as soon as.......keep us posted
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Yea I feel bad for him and everytime he sits down he picks it up and cleans it. I need to take a morning off and go ahead and get him to the vet, I just hope they dont have to keep him overnight if he has to have surgery on it. Hes a mama's boy and dont like to be without me.
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Since it was 5 months ago that it happened im not sure if its the same prob but just by chance maybe the stinger wasnt removed and now its festering? I would check with the vet cause if that isnt the issue then it could be something different all together. Either way you are gonna need the vets help to figure out how to treat it.
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yea . see I never found a stinger in it so I dont know if there is one in it or not. But he acted fine with it until a few days ago. He dont really care for me holding his paw to check it.
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just checking in.............hows your kitty ?
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