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i need help

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i think this is in the right section, my cat just started acting realy weird today
for some reason she keeps howeling and sometimes she will stay in one place.
and she also keeps raising her but in the air when she walks?? (who one day wants to be a vet) said it looks like fleas, but its getting worse.......can someone help me
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sounds more like she's in heat? Try scratching her at the base of the tail and you'll know....
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Welcome to the site!
Yes, it very much sounds like your cat is in heat... Is this a kitten? Please make sure to keep her inside and away from any unneutered male cats to prevent her from becomming pregnant. Are you planning to have her spayed?
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whoa, wasent expecting that lol she's not a kitten but she's not old, were
not realy sure of her age becous we got her from a other house (a drug addict wo couldent keep her anymore) she's atleast a year beecous thats how long weve had her, and i think shw was about 6 months we got her but im not sure
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i also forgot, the wind just recently blew our "sunroom" door open, and was out fo rthe night, about 3 days ago, does this spell bad news
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I can only add that it sounds like your cat is in heat. I had a female cat and that was how she acted, her howling could get down right annoying. She used to scoot her butt on the floor too. How old is your cat?
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i made a mistake on her age, she is 7 months
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let us know what you decide, ok?
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If she's 7 months, then most likely she's in heat. Your kitty really needs to be spayed before she has any litters. If you need help with the costs, please use the link in my signature line to help you search for low-cost spay services!

And that she was out the other night most likely spells trouble. However, you do have a choice. You can still have her spayed in order to prevent more unwanted kitties.
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i just went to this guy who lives to raise cats (literly) and he said that
she was definitly like "fluck" (nice word)
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If the incident with the sunroom was only 3 days ago, and it was her first time out, no one can say she is definitely pregnant, it is waaay too soon!! And it also means that you do have the choice of having her spayed now, and just tell the vet you dont want to know. I dont konw what area you are in, but I am betting that there are already too many unwanted cats in your area already. And there can be a lot of heartache with raising kittens.
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trhere is alot of stray cats in my area
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