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Anyone know anything about Flight Simulator?

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Hoping someone out there (or your SO) might have some experience with the PC game flight simulator. My father has this and uses it all the time, but he has had the same one forever and I wanted to possibly expand on it for Christmas, but I don't totally understand it. I know it obviously involves flying an aircraft to various airports and he has one that allows him to fly local airports which he loves, but I wasn't sure what else was available - big cities? different types of aircraft? Accessories? anyone have any experience with this game?
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There is a new one out I saw it the other day at Target it was like $70...My nephews have older versions and they love it, it's the closest thing to actually flying a plane without really flying!!
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Oh my DH has the same game, but I dont think you can upgrade - well its about 6 years old now, so maybe the latest one can, but you know how these software/games companies are, always like you to spend more dosh with them
You might be able to get a joystick (if not purchased originally) the one I got DH wobbles & vibrates so he really liked that.
Well good luck with your mission
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My dad has the 2004 version and loves it. FS X just came out, but you need a major gaming machine to be able to play it. We have a brand new laptop and it doesn't even have the system requirements needed for the X version. It's getting mainly poor reviews just for that reason - you need to overhaul your computer to be able to play it
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Thanks so much for the info guys. That helps a lot.

mooficat: One of the things my dad did mention was a joystick that vibrates. He has a joystick now, but wants one that vibrates. Where did you get it might I ask? Also - do you know anything about the footpedals? I think I've seen them as well.
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Miss Mew might be able to help with this Lisa. Some flight schools actually use FS to help with pilot training. I know where I used to work, they used it to screen pilots. If they can't fly it, they don't need to be in a real plane.
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