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Poor old Bonnie boy

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Yes, Bonnie is a boy!! We got him when he was a tiny thing (he lives with my mum still). I can't remember how old he was exactly, but a farm cat had had kittens, and some horrible person decided to drown the kittens by putting them in a bag and throwing them in a river Bonnie was the only one who survived. We had to dropper feed him, so he was only a few weeks old.

He was always a psycho cat - one second he'd be fine, the next second he'd try to tear my leg off!!! He was a lap cat though, but a rough head, and would always be in fights with neighbourhood cats (yes he was neutered, and kept in side at night), and was at the vets fairly regularly with infected wounds.

When he was 2 he got hit by a car and had his jaw split in half. It had to be wired closed and we spent a long time dropper feeding him again.

When he was 10, he had a massive tumor wrapped around his leg, they cut it off but it grew back again, so his choices were to be put to sleep, or have his leg amputated. After having him that long we had to give him a chance. So we went for the amputation. And he adapted to 3 legs incredibly well, we were absolutely amazed. He also turned into a sweetheart after the amputation. He would still chase other cats off the property, but was starting to slow down a bit. He completely lost all aggressiveness toward us which was nice!

He's now 17, still a sweetheart, and has really slowed down now, but gets around fine. His hop looks a bit more cumbersome now, but for a 17 year old who's lost more than a couple of his 9 lives, he's doing very well!!

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He looks very happy and content! What a stunning gentlemen!
Happy Holidays!
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aww........ he looks a real gentle boy !!! give that tummy a nuzzle for me
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What a handsome old tripod kitty! He looks like a wise old soul!
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He does look so happy and content. You are precious, Bonnie!
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Bless his little heart, he's an extra special little boy is Bonnie
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Oh bless his heart...he's a sweety!!!
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awwww poor sweet Bonnie.....
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