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My old Coco

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This probably also explains why I love Tolly...

Coco was born in February 1991, and we got her in the middle of that year probably. She came from a show cat lineage, but because she was black the breeders didn't want her (they were friends of mum's), so we got her for free. She lives with mum still.

She used to be a pure sleek black, but at nearly 16, she's looking very grey now!!! She hasn't lost her loud Siamese ROWRRRRRR though!!!

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She is beautiful, first black siamese I've seen! She to looks soooo happy!
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Very cute

But siamese?..sure she's not an oriental shorthair?...just thinking since siamese have blue eyes and other colors per definition?
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Welcome back Sarah, I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

Awwwww Coco is beautiful. How great is that you got see her when you went back home
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That's great that you got to see your kitties at your mom's!!! She's adorable!
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Yes, she's an Oriental Shorthair. But that's Siamese isn't it? Same body shape, same pointy face, same loud noise...
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hehe well true ...at least FIFE recognizes alot of different races with the same basic features - Category 4 cats

Balinese, Oriental Shorthair/Longhair, Siamese, Seychellois Shorthair/Longhair and from the first of january also the Peterbald ...
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Hey Coco, you're a very pretty girl!

I hope you enjoyed your trip, and all the kitty kisses you recieved on your return - thank you for sharing Coco with us.
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Coco does look alot like Tolly.....or Tolly looks like Coco....hmmm, whichever, either way they are both sweeties!
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