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Just wanted to say hi was pretty busy today so I didn't get to post too much. Got all of my new stuff washed and put away and threw out some old stuff and I had to work today and I also stopped and got me a new brownie pan. I still have to go get some wooden spoons and debating getting a thingy like I got for dad to put vingar in only maybe get it for something like syrup. Dad bought some walnuts so I put them in a basket on the table so they look more presentable. I broke an old nick nack of mine which my aunt bought for me when I was about 12 that was the only really bad part of the day. Work was a bit stressfull but it wasn't really bad. I guess it ended well I got most of my Christmas cards signed and I have to send them out in the morning. Well goodnight all.
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Pretty busy here too! Way behind on everything - just started decorating yesterday. Oh well, back at it again!
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I'm not busy at all, I have been sitting on my rear end at home for days now No, I have been cleaning and shovelling alot, so thats good for me!!

Going to the gym today too, so I'm not that lazy
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