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Nazumis home!

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Well he's home finally. He seems much more relaxed this time. Though he got pinned under my bed again after Lily saw him in her kitchen. Im hoping he figures out that he will get scared to death any time he goes in there. Kitten has been following him everywhere but staying about 3 feet away hiding behind something with her head peaking out and wont stop following him. They came nose to nose twice once they hissed the last time they didnt. Shes very interested in him. You can tell she wants to be friends. Annie Rose just glares at him still. He discovered the rats and hes been sniffing them for awhile now. Im trying to get a few good picks of him to post. The trip went pretty well he was very dopey from the sedative they gave him. So he slept most of the way home. I think hes feeling pretty happy to be home. Hes been wandering around and exploring which he didnt feel confident enough to do until now. Which I'm very happy about. I was afraid I would have to spend $18 on feliway. Which I really didnt want to do but hes very relaxed. He makes lots of funny noises. Very vocal and he looks HUGE. He looks like hes grown since Monday. I know hes taller because he comes to my belly botton now when he stands straight up. Hes a big boy!
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I'm glad he's home now!!!
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Awwwwww, I'm happy he is finally home
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Glad your little boy is home now!
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Yaay - he's home!
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Great news! Glad things are going okay so far, Amber. Bet John is glad the running around is over as well.
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