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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
Thanks, Nikki and you're welcome. If you just scratched the cornea it sounds to me like it's healing up. My eye was itchy for a few days and I wanted to rub it but, as difficult as it is, try not to do that as it can make the scratch worse. I was given some antibiotic eyedrops. That's good news that you are going to see a doctor tomorrow, let us know what he/she says.

I injured my eye on a friday as I was getting out of bed. There must have been something in my eye that caused the scratch as I rubbed my eye (such as a dust particle as an example). I went to the doc from work because I couldn't flush out whatever was in my eye. After the doc was finished she told me to take off the rest of the night but I went back in a finished out my shift anyway since I was already out by work anyway. My boss told me to take sunday off if I wanted to. I had a Bengals game to go to so that worked out well. Anyway, by tuesday or wednesday my cornea was completely healed. Sorry for rambling.

Good luck tomorrow!

hehe, duh! a ballgame will always make you feel better! hey, i'd miss work for that too as soon as i see my doctor tomorrow, i will update i think it's healing so that's good. my cronic dry eye is acting up REALLLLLLLY bad in both eyes though...so we'll see what he says about that. He gave me a prescription for drops a while back, but they were too $$$ so i never got them. I might just have to after all.

Originally Posted by RicaLynn View Post
Nikki I'm so glad your eye is starting to heal. You have been given some great advice already and I know you'll be doing everything you can to get back to normal. Just wanted to add my $0.02

I scratched my cornea once many moons ago, and it felt exactly as you described - like there was something in there I just couldn't rinse out, no matter how hard I tried. I went to an optometrist in our town that day and he discovered the scratch, and the source (I had a small thread from a washcloth in my eye!)

He told me (and I have since seen documentation of it elsewhere) that the cornea is THE FASTEST-HEALING tissue in the human body. If you can just rest your eye, which I did with a patch and a day off of school, it can regenerate itself in as little as 48 hours!!

Here's hoping you get an all-clear from your optho' tomorrow and you're right as rain!!
I'm glad to hear the Cornea heals quickly. The cool thing is - i just really intensely studied the human eye in my psych ii class about a month ago- so i know exactly where everything is and what's going on- it's kinda creepy/ but neat I'd never wanna be an eye doctor As soon as I find out what the doctor says tomorrow, i'll update. (oh, and in a sidenote, i just saw your countdown...i had no idea you were pg? when did i miss that announcement congradualtions sweetie! do you know what you're having yet?)
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Well, i have some good news I was able to see my eye doctor today, and he said the scratch is all healed up So that's great. My vision has changed significantly though (it just keeps getting worse and worse) My right eye is a -4.75 and my left eye is a -5.00. I'm trying out some new contacts at the moment, so we'll see how they work. I have to go back on Friday for another checkup with him. Thanks for the vibes everyone! They helped a lot
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