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sneezing cat

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Hello, wensdsday night my one cat started sneezing. I thought she had gotten into something so i didn't let it bother me. tonight she is still sneezing and i can not call my vet until monday. Her temperature is 101.4 so it is normal. there are 4 other cats in the house and also a ferret. none of them have started sneezing. she is still eating very well and seems compleatly content other then the sneezing. I want to take her to my vet but my actual vet is on vacation right now and i don't want to pay the extravagant fees if nothing is wrong with her(i'm 23 yrs old i don't really have that kind of money right now). I'm a little worried but nothing besides the sneezing has linked her with upper respitory,or any other diagnosis. I did just have a slight cold but yet again she would have a fever if she had a cold. If anyone could possibly help it would be great. I really don't have anyother helpful info besides I don't know quite how old she is(she followed me home 3 yrs ago) she is fixed and she is an indoor cat.
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Oh honey, try not to worry. So long as she is eating, drinking, using the litter box, playing then just keep an eye on her.

If her eyes start to get runny, if her nose starts to run, if she stops eating and drinking, don't wait, call a vet. If she does have an upper respiratory infection, she will need antibiotics.

Some of my cats will sneeze in the fall and one sneezes in the spring, but that is allergies.

Let us know how she is doing, OK?

Darn, where are my manners???? Welcome to TheCatSite.
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the reason i'm a little worried is the fact i do have 4 other cats and a ferret in my house if it is possible the beginning of a URI then i don't want any of my other babies to catch it.
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Our girl came down with an URI last month. It started with lots of sneezing, progressed into lethargy and sneezing, and finally added runny eyes to the mix. I took her to the vet the day after she started sneezing and she didn't have a temp then. Even on antibiotics her symptoms got a little worse before they got better, but she's fine now. Just watch her and make sure she doesn't progress into those symptoms and if she does then take her in.

The one thing you'll probably want to consider is isolating her from the other cats until you know for sure as I hear URI's are highly contagious. Our girl had never been sick and never goes outside... she contracted hers by sitting in the windowsill with the window open when a sick neighborhood cat was lounging on the patio chair just under the window. The other cat must've sneezed on her through the screen.

Better safe than sorry. You don't want the whole crew coming down with it if you can help it.
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