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Cat marking territory with feces

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Help! I have 4 cats (yes 4) 2 are almost 10 and the other 2 are kittens. One is almost a year and the other is 5 months. One of my 10 year old cats is having a very hard time with the kittens. She even hisses at my other ten year old now (they used to LOVE each other). Now when one of the kittens tries to go near her she hisses and growls and then poops close to where the incident happened. I don't know what to do. I have tried paying lots of extra attention to her to let her know she is still so loved but that doesn't seem to be helping. She seems desperate for my love and I give it to her. She has lost alot of weight and I am really concerned about her. I also have 2 dogs and she is the only animal in my house that does not get along with the other animals. They all love each other! My heart is broken for her. Any suggestions?
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I know we say this a lot around here but the first thing that needs to be done is a good physical examination from your Vet.
Often cats will tell us of a physical problme by acting out. Your kitty is older and may have something going on! I certainly hope now - but you need to know!
There is a post here that is a sticky at the top of the Behavior forum that also discusses inappropriate pooping and urinating. I hope that this will help.
Make sure you keep us posted!
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I actually took her to the vet this past Saturday and he said she is fine.. Perfectly healthy. She has lost some weight though and she is only 6 lbs right now.
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There is a discussion of a similar problem on this thread

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Thanks for the info! I have looked at every reason why the cat is doing this. I have 5 litter boxes (more than one for every cat) also this is my only cat that goes outside. I also faithfully scoop all of the boxes everyday. After 8 years of being an indoor cat suddenly one day she saw another cat in our yard from the window. She snuck out every chance she got after that. I then just decided to let her out. This was about a year before I got the other kittens. I noticed shortly after I started letting her out that she didn't use the box anymore. I think she prefers to go outside. So to me this is a clear cut case of her marking her territory. She always does it right after a run in with one of my kittens in particular. This kitten can't get it thru her head that my cat doesn't want anything to do with her and she keeps trying to jump on her. Then my cat gets upset and hisses and growls. I don't know what to do to stop this behavior as she does not seem to be going in the same spots all the time.
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