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Wisdom teeth=COLD??!

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How many of you have wisdom teeth, or have had them pulled?? It seems weird that mine started bothering me this week, and I also came down with a cold. Coinsidence?? I dunno......I go to dentist on Wed. for a cleaning and hes going to look at them and probly refer me to someone so I can have them pulled!! I am going to TRY and get it for after first of year. So how bad is it guys? And be honest.....
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I had mine out at about age 23, wasn't as bad as some surgeries I've had since, but I made sure that they put me under to pull them out. They took all 4, as three were impacted, and there was no point in keeping the last one.

The timing of the cold sounds strictly coincidental.

I hope you feel better soon!
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I had mine pulled at 19. I was drugged the first day, then woke up the next day and was ready to go!

There was only slight swelling on one cheek. Thats only because the tooth broke when the guy pulled it. That cleared up the following day.
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I have one through and I want to get it pulled because it is really bothering me.
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How many are you having out? I only had one taken out, and it was no big deal...I hear that if you get all 4, its pretty miserable though..

good luck
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I had mine taken out when I was about 16 or 17. I was put out under sodium pentothol.

In my case, when the teeth came in, it was very painful. I understand now what a teething baby goes thru! They would then recede BACK into my gums and once healed, come back out again with all that pain! After the 3rd such incedent, I had them pulled. The bottom two were impacted and had to be cut out. I have never regretted having this done.
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Are you sure it's your wisdom teeth acting up? When your sinus cavity becomes inflammed (as it does with a cold or sinus infection) it can cause a sensation very much like a tooth ache...
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My Wisdom teeth and Tonsils both had to come out within a couple months of eachother because they we both effecting my imune system. I had broncitis 6 times that year abd various other colds and infections so yes it can be linked.
I hope you feel better soon
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Originally Posted by squirtle View Post
Are you sure it's your wisdom teeth acting up? When your sinus cavity becomes inflammed (as it does with a cold or sinus infection) it can cause a sensation very much like a tooth ache...
I go thru this regularly ....
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I had three out under general anaesthetic when I was about 26. My daughter had two out last week under local. SHe had a bad time as she reacted to the anaesthetic but the teeth were OK.
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I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed in high school, plus two other teeth that were being crushed by the wisdom teeth -- which was weird, because it wasn't painful at all, and yet the teeth were obviously damaged. They put me under (they pretty much had to: I'm phobic of dentists, and even though this was a specialist, he was still a "dentist" as far as my phobia was concerned). Afterwards, despite having had six teeth removed, I was pretty much okay. I stayed home that day, being groggy from the anaesthetic, but I was able to go to school the next day. I didn't even need the Tylenol 3 they gave me, but I have a high pain tolerance. The problem I did have was that I'm allergic to the antibiotics they gave me -- they made me extremely sick to the point of dehydration, so I just stopped taking them. (Ummm, I don't recommend this: you're given antibiotics for a reason.) Lucky for me I have a freakishly powerful immune system and didn't get an infection.

I agree with the poster who said a bad sinus cold can feel like aching wisdom teeth. Additionally, is it possible that because your teeth are bothering you, you're not sleeping as well so you're more likely to get sick? Pain and stress can have an impact on your immune system, making you more likely to catch colds and viruses. (Ever notice how when your life is going extremely well you seem not to get sick, but the instant something bad starts happening, you come down with the killer cold from heck?)
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Originally Posted by squirtle View Post
Are you sure it's your wisdom teeth acting up? When your sinus cavity becomes inflammed (as it does with a cold or sinus infection) it can cause a sensation very much like a tooth ache...
No-I really dont know. I just know I hurt!! I guess when I go to dentist on Wed. I can find out.
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I had mine cut out. I had 2 boney impactions and the other 2 were impacted but didn't have bone over them. The first day was the worst. I was put under completely and they gave me percoset(spelling). I put ice to keep the sweeling down but I am not going to lie I was in pain when the anestisia wore off. I slept a lot and laid out of work for 3 days. The swelling wasn't too bad but it was swollen. And eating was a joke. I lived on mashed potatoes and applesauce. Oh and the packed the holes iwth some kind of gauze with chive tasting stuff that made me sick. I threw up everything I ate the first day!
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I had all 4 of mine out many years ago. They were all growing in side ways and the roots where wrapped around upper and lower jaw bones.I had to go into the hospital in the operating room to have mine taken out.They had to expose the jaw bones and chisel off the roots on all 4.This isn't the normal and I'm sure yours will be fine.
Pain yes terrible ,swelling ,black eyes bruises on my cheeks.Ice packs for a few days , pain meds, and a soft diet .Then I had a infection so antibotics. Then my lower gums were the teeth where, healed so the gums would get bitten by my upper teeth. So I had to have small pieces of tissue removed with some type of heated stylus that just burned out a little square of gum on each lower side . 5 weeks later and I had healed.
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I am having my pulled in the next few months and am not thrilled in the least. Especially after observing at an oral surgeon already....

But I know the kind of pain you have to endure until they come out so I am with you
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I had mine pulled, but it could go either way.....it can be a coincidence, or it can be connected. Your teeth are connected to everything....and somehow manage to make everything else hurt as well. I had a rough time with my wisdom teeth, I had a small absess to be cut out, and I had 1 impacted, and I got an infection..... a helpful hint: bags of frozen corn....they hang around your face to ensure no swelling on the cheek, or under the chin. Good luck!
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I have only 3 wisdom teeth
the dental surgeon laughed and said "hey sometimes you luck out, my brother only has three lol"
I had my top two taken out last Valentines day. Boy was i miserable!!!!! The top two were up inside my cheek right by the bone and the lower right sits right on a very important nerve and he said i can take the chance or not. I didnt take it. so I still have the lower right.

I was on a lot of drugs...I couldnt make it to the car without my grandpa's help and the funny part about the whole teeth issue was that when we went to walgreens to fill my perscriptions, i insisted that we pick of dog bones for the dogs that live down stairs, i was sooo out of it ...my grandpa had to pull me away from the pet section and seat me near the pharmacy. It was pretty hilarious.

Oh and my cheeks swelled up like a chipmunk since he had to practically go into my cheek to get the teeth, i missed a week of work.

good luck with yours, everyone is different you might bounce back way faster than any of us!
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Originally Posted by EricaNicole View Post
I have only 3 wisdom teeth
Me too, I'm missing 5 teeth in total that just aren't there.It's common in my family

My sister had her wisdom teeth out, she was in hospital for it (not sure if that's normal or not) she said it didn't hurt much, no swelling either.
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2 of my wisdom teeth never came in. The other 2 I had pulled years ago with no problems.
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That sucks! My oldest brother had all 4 pulled out in 2004 and his face was swollen into oblivion! I have to get mine pulled as well...
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I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled last year. It was very painful. they give you a medicine for the pain (I forget what its called)
and it made me sick so I had to stop taking it. It does hurt a lot and I had to eat soft foods a lot and if you smoke, don't. you would not want to risk getting a dry socket. if you have to get them pulled.. follow the doctors orders and eat lots of ice cream and get lots of rest. if they give you medicine which they should and if it makes you sick, I would stop taking it and just take tylenol or something for the pain. that's what I had to do.
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I just went to the dentist today to talk about getting all my teeth pulled. I'm only 27 but I have really bad teeth and at this point it's my only option. I have a great dentist though so I'm sure I'll be high as a kite when their pulled. When he was young he had bad teeth too so he doesn't believe in letting anyone feel pain.

I wish I had told him to go ahead and pull this front tooth this morning though. It's hurting again. Oh well. Some alcohol, numbing stuff and some mouthwash will take care of it.
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I had my top two pulled out the day before Valentine's Day this year and it was great. They were going to put me under but I asked for Sedation instead so I would still be awake when they did it (apparently when you are under a general everything in your mouth goes lax and some people end up with their jaw dislocated)

Didn't have any pain at all afterwards and my face only swelled up a bit.
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I had 2 out about 12 years ago. They just used novocaine (I think so they could do it in the office. I didn't really feel anything, but the noise of them twisting and yanking was scary. When I went out front to pay the bill, I passed out.

I had pills for the pain, but they made me feel nauseous (?sp), so I stopped taking them and felt fine--no swelling or anything, but they weren't impacted either.
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I had all four of mine out the week before I turned 16. It was not bad at all. I had disolvable stitches and the incision site drained a bit the first day...but other than that, it wasn't bad- it gave me a nice excuse to lounge around the hosue and watch tv / You just can't drink out of straws for several weeks afterwards so that you don't get a dry socket. They gave me an IV and I was awake, but out of it during the entire thing- it wasn't bad at all .
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see I think it wont be so bad for you because I had all 4 of mine pulled at once (and I didnt even think I had all 4) one of mine only came through the gums and it was all messed up and i had always gotten headaches well I went to have a consul or what ever with an oral surgean about that one tooth and so they took x rays and my other 3 were grown in my gums so I had surgery on those 3 and man did it suck with the stitches every one told me that I was gonna sleep all day and night and I wouldnt be able to talk well I was in a lot of pain but I was able to talk and it really wasnt that bad except for the pain but thats why they give u pain killers I am just glad that I got them all done at once when I went home and went to sleep when I woke up to take a pain pill I wanted 7 hahaha I only took one but man did it take along time to kick in, where the one was pulled that one hurt for the first day or two but it never bothered me like the ones I had surgery on lol so I think you are going to be alright Although I hate milkshakes now and I couldnt wait to eat real food I told my mom that they better make food I dont like and well lets say friday came (i had them done on tuesday) I ate I ate really small bites but i still ate hehehehe
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All four of mine were impacted and I had all four cut out at once under general anesthetic. I went home with enough Demerol for a couple of days. I didn't even know it came in pill form. Follow all the rules about what you shouldn't do like drinking out of a straw. I cheated and ended up with a dry socket. It wasn't a lot more painful but it took longer to heal than the other three.
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I had my last 2 wisdom teeth pulled about 3 weeks ago under loacl. It was a breeze, and I only took 1 painkiller. I had some swelling and bleeding, but that soon cleared up. It's so much better now they're out!
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I had all 4 of mine taken out a year ago. The worst part was actually the pain medicine they gave me because it made me so nauseous that I could barely eat soup. The actual procedure wasn't bad at all though.
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Well they dont hurt as much now. I am really wondering if it is just my sinus's I will find out on Wed. when I go to dentist......
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