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online pet semetary or tribute page

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i know we have links here to greif support and such for the loss of a pet. but it would be nice to have one here. our home cat site. i was thinking along the lines of a online pet semetary or tribute page. where no one can reply. just post.where we can post permanent tributes and pictures of the one we lost.
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Thats a good suggestion, I second that!
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I think most people who post in the Rainbow Bridge section seem to want the support of other members. If you wanted to make it private, maybe you could just add that in your title to keep it from being responded to.

Just a thought, but I'm sure Anne will have a solution for you!
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We do have the cat pages. Any member is welcome to create a page for his/her own pet. If that page ends up being a tribute to a cat that has been lost, that is an individual's choice.
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the rainbow bridge section is fine the way it is. when i lost my cat many months ago everybody did have comforting words. and i greatly appreciated that. that part should stay the same. i mean some kind of memorial. i have seen them on other places. i think it would be comforting for those of us who have loved a pet so deeply and lost them it would be wonderful to give them their own tribute. so they would be honored in a permanent place. it would be an online semetary. i think it's a great idea. there is so many of us on here who have lost our pets. i know most people would feel comfort in being able to go to their pets tribute whenever they feel the need to.
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I agree with what 7cosycats is saying. Is it possible to have an on-line pet cemetary for TCS members only (not a link) that is a permanent part of this site? This would be in addition to the Crossing the Bridge forum which is excellent and shouldn't be changed.
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Hi 7cozycats !!!
This is a perfect place too for RB-pets !! My dear Sydney is in Garden 5 . I only just lost him on July 22 ...


ps. it is free !!
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is an excellent idea and if anyones concerned about it getting too full then maybe they can say limit the postings/notices to a couple weeks or months and like the other poster had said make it to where only WE as members could post there? Either way it sure is a great idea. In the past I haven't gotten to "properly" bury my furry friend the way I'd like to have so this would be neat indeed. Oh well~at least we have Rainbow Bridge!


*In memory of Pockets*

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