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indoor kitty escapes outside

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Help...My indoor cat (1 year old) Nigel got out tonight and we cannot find him. He is a 20 lb male tabby who is spayed, but is an indoor cat. He has tried to escape many times though tonight he was successful. Not being experienced w/outdoors, will he come home?, loiter, troll the neighborhood or what? We have spent the last hour and one half looking for him and we are worried. He has at last gotten what he finally wanted...will we see him again???
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He probably knows you as the source of his food. He will be back when he is hungry!! Keep us posted.
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Did Nigel get back yet?
I have spent some worried nights over the years with my indoor cats escaping once in a while - What possesses them, I do not know.
Check under the porch? My wanna-be outsides usually hide, because they get scared.
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Dont panic just yet. If he has never been out, I am sure he hasnt gone very far. He is probably scared and hiding somewhere. Maybe this will detour him from wanting to go out again. Please let us know when he comes home.
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Any news? I would go around the place calling out his name. You may hear him meowing back from some hiding place. You can also check with the neighbors - maybe he paid them a visit looking for food.
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Post some signs if you can. That's how I got my cat back when he got out. If he is lost, he may be kind of staying in one place. According to the lady that responded to my sign, he had been hanging out in the same place with the feral cats for the whole 2 weeks he was lost. He was actually still within my apartment complex, but in a different area. Keep looking and don't give up hope! Let us know, Marnie!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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Do you live in a house or apartment? I lived in an apartment when my kitty got out. I posted pictures everywhere. After a million false alarms and four days later a lady called me who lived on the other side of the complex saying a vey scared and hungry kitty was crying at her door. The lady held her the whole time trying to calm her down. When I got to the apartment she leapt into my arms and I cried. Needless to say that was the last time Lily ever got out. Way too much trauma!

I hope you find your baby... please let us know.
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Marnie001, have you found Nigel yet? I sure hope so. My Mony got out one time through my son's second floor window. She climbed/jumped her way down a tree right by the window and was found cowering on my back step. At first I thought she was shut in the refrigerator because of the faint crying, then I thought she may have been caught between my two back doors. When I opened the one door I could hear but not see her. Eventually I opened the back door and she practically ran me over getting in. She hasn't tried that again yet, but she loves to "escape" to my enclosed front porch. It's almost funny watching her until you realize how very frightened she is in a "new place".

Good luck finding Nigel, don't give up. Let us know. Here's hoping he stayed in the area.
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