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2 kittens better than 1?

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Hi- I'm new to the message board! My question is: I have a 3 mo. old male kitten, "Hobbes" that is very rambunctious & has a major seperation anxiety when left alone- he cries incessantly. (he won't let us even close the bathroom door without crying!) His mother was a stray, and he was taken away at only 4 weeks (not by me! I would never have seperated a kitten so young!) I have been hearing that another kitten would keep him company during the day when we are away, so he wouldn't feel so lonely, and also ease the negative attention that he is directing towards us (rough play & biting). I would personally prefer to get a female kitten as they are generally more cuddly- Hobbes only let us pet him when he's sound asleep... But am worried that a male and female wont get along. I do plan on neutering (and spaying if I get a female) at 6-7 mos. Any suggestions on what sex of kitten (if any) would best suit Hobbes? Please Help!!
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Well, yes 2 kittens are usually better than one if they are home alone most of the day. In my exerience either sex can be cuddley. Males and females get along the best. Especially when you bring them home when one is older. Same sex cats tend to be more territotial. My suggestion to you would be to get another kitten, but get one that grabs your heart no matter what sex.

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Hi Jodie and welcome to the forums!

Yes, I would definitely say that two cats is better than one and easier to handle.

They would do all the rough play with each other and be more gentle with you.

In my experience a female and male is good, but two males can also be great. I still have to see two females who actually like each other (cats, that is )

Whichever you choose, don't forget to neuter/spay in time - before the cats reach sexual maturity (4-6 months would be the right time for that).

I think you should look for a kitten that is slightly smaller in size than Hobbes, so that he wouldn't feel intimidated. Keep the new kitten apart for the first few days and introduce them gradually.

I'm sure the local shelter where you live has many kittens in need of a good home. So, don't wait for too long. It would also be easier for Hobbes to accept another kitten nowm, before he gets older.

Do tell us when you get that new kitten!
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I must agree, two kittens are better than one. When I looked for mine (ONLY in shelters, mind you), I looked for a "double adoption".

As far as females getting along, my kitties are sisters, and they simply LOVE each other. They certainly get the rough play out of their systems, and watching them play and beat one another up is endless entertainment - the main reason I adopted two.

Don't worry about the biting during play - that IS how cats play! I've never known a cat that wanted to play fetch or go for a ride in the car.

I think that the younger the kittens are when they are introduced, the better. Cats get territorial as they get older, and sometimes an older cat won't take well to a new kitten straying into its domain.

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I am very new to cats but now have four!! Our first experience with two strays that were sisters was wonderful! They were the best of friends. Unfortunately we just had to put one of them to sleep right before Christmas at 9 months old. I took in another stray (8 week female) and they are now getting along perfectly after only a week. They sleep and eat together.

One thing that was mentioned to me that I believe really helped was how to introduce the cats to each other. Rather than introducing them yourself let them find each other. Obviously this should be under supervision but then the older cat doesn't feel that you are making this other creature come at her plus the new kitty won't be as frightened. We let them "happen" upon each other while we were close by. They tested the waters and then just went their own way. Within hours they were moving closer and eating together.

Now we have adopted two more kittens (brothers). I am a little nervous about how their introduction will go since there will be so many more cats around. Right now they are quarantined with colds, ringworm, ear mites, and eye infections!! Happily, I can say they are 100% better than they were a couple of days ago. We will be getting them fixed as soon as possible with the mixed sexes!

I do tend to get long winded but I do agree totally that two kittens is wonderful--they make great pairs!
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Welcome tankernav1!

Wow, two and two - quite a celebration you have there

I'm glad to hear that the first two cats get along so well with each other, but I think it may have a lot to do with their personalities. You can never tell if things will be like that with the new pair.

I would suggest introducing them gradually. First let them smell each other scents without actually meeting each other. Then let them make eye contact through a door that is only slightly open. Take your time with each stage and let them get together only after you make sure they're comfortable with each other's presence. I do hope it all goes well. As they're kittens, I think it shouldn't be a problem.
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I had a solid black female-"Chloe". She was very sweet in her own way. Her only problem is that she is very aloof. Then one day I heard this awful crying in the parking lot. Ther was a small black kitten, his eyes were still blue! He had no mother, or a litter. My boyfriend and I took him in. My boyfriend hates cats(or so he thought) but this kitten was so pitiful it warmed even his heart. So, anyway, we named him "Romeo". Chloe and Romeo, both spayed/neutered and declawed, love to play fight. It is so cute, b/c they are so fair. Both dominate equally. But anyway, Chloe hated Romeo at first. Now she treats him like a true little brother. She is still very jealous of him. When I am petting Chloe,and Romeo walks up, she will leave. But that is just her personality. But I definately recommend getting another one. Cats will eventually adapt to other cats. And if you are a good owner(reg. vet visits, spaying/neutering)why not offer your nice home to a new kitten. That's one less kitten to suffer& die on the streets or catch diseases.
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This thread makes me sad . I wish Tabby had another cat to play with but I haven't had the time and money to spend on another one. I actually called about one last night when I saw an ad in my building, but he wasn't fixed and I do not want to pay another couple hundred bucks for a fixing operation anytime soon!

I know tabby is lonely though - I do all I can to keep her busy but it's not always enough, especially when she's home alone for 10 hours/day and I'm sleeping for another 8 or so!
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Hi, Megan. What if you got the cat neutered through the humane society or similar organization if one is in your area? Many times they will give you the discount that they get because they are so concerned about having the cats fixed. Our quoted price was $27--not bad!! Hope you can find a solution. Good luck! Debi
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