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Success story

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She came to us in August. A walking skeleton. Her coat was filthy, sparse, and coarse. She was so loaded with fleas she was anemic. Her outside ear flaps were raw. All she wanted was a hand out. We couldn’t turn our backs on her so we fed her.

We had no business adopting another furkid at this time. We already had 5, 3 senior Shih Tzus with special health care needs and 2 cats. My husband and I have both become disabled in the past few years and are on a limited income so these 5 furkids were actually more than we felt we could afford. Plus we were concerned about introducing a new kitty to the house as one of our Tzus tends to be cat aggressive.

Right away I tried to find a home for this pathetic little creature and learned from the local rescue groups that stray kitties had become a real problem this year and they were unable to take any in. Through our vets and other sources I found that just about everyone who loved cats were in the process of doing the same thing we were doing.

So we dug deep in our pockets and had her vetted and spayed. After the spaying she spent 2 weeks in the house shut in a room by herself to give her a chance to fully recover and get used to the smells and sounds of the house. We then left the door open with a baby gate up so she could explore the house when she wished but retreat to her room for safety should any the dogs decide to try to chase her. Gradually she came out of her room more and more. Gradually she and the other critters became more and more acquainted.

Today she is a healthy weight. Her coat is sparkling white, thick and super soft. She is beautiful and full of energy. She runs through the house at the speed of lightning. Eager for attention and eager to play. Our aggressor, Sam, not only has accepted her but seems to like her. He seems to be fascinated by her ability to run circles around him. Our other 2 cats rarely play with each other but she has managed to get them both to play with her. She has turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family. Her name is now Maggie and we adore her.

Will post a photo as soon as I can figure out how to do so.

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That is a great story! I can't wait to see pictures of Maggie.
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Yes we need photos, we love photos!

Sounds as if she landed on her feet when she met you, great work. And welcome
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what a wonderful story, thank you for saving her life!
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Bless you for taking this sweet girl and giving her a home. And, thanks for sharing her story. Well done!
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Thanks everyone. I havne't had time to figure out how to place pics on this site but I did upload a couple of pics to my website.

This is Maggie in Sept she was still thin but already putting on weight. I had bathed her before got spayed on Aug 30. Her coat was just starting to thicken up and soften.

This pic was taken just a couple of days ago. Actually, she's beginning to look a little plump.

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Aw, what a great story..and a sweety she is
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I have such a soft spot for these stories. I am so glad she got to stay with you and that things have been so good. She is a beautiful girl. Good job!
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ohhhhhhh....she's beautiful!!!! Great story!
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Well done she is beautiful.
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
That is a great story! I can't wait to see pictures of Maggie.
Hi Jenny82,

Your cat in the pic at the far right (dark grey/white) looks just like my Maggie! (Who was an abandoned 4-week-old kitten when I found her--scruffy, sick, full of fleas, like Lin's--she's now a fat, happy, gorgeous 2.5 year-old baby!)

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Hi Lin,

What a wonderful story, and what a wonderful couple you both are for taking her in! That's how we got all of our babies, too. There always seems to be room for "Just one more!". (I've said THAT 8 times in the past 3 years...:-) )

BTW, one of mine strays is named Maggie (actually Margaret Ann). I named her after my very kind, cat-loving Mother-In-Law. She's also a goofball, like Mom, but that's another story...

Can't wait to see the pics!

Bless you for helping her,

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Hey MareCat,

Thanks but I don't think of us as being wonderful. We just did what we had to do.

See post 6: It has links so you can see what our little darling looks like.

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Good on you for taking such good care of this little one, what a heartwarming story.
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