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Got new pots and pans yesterday

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Yesterday was payday and so my dad and I went to get some groceries and then we stopped at k mart and walmart and I got some new pots and pans and two new cassarole dishes and two new loaf pans. I need to go back for a big frying pan that they have and a couple more things but am very pleased about the new dishes and I got a new set of glasses and salt and pepper shakers, and a dispenser for my dad's vinegar and new throws for the couch and chair and I gotta get one more of those. I got the lavendar and vanilla scented tide, downey, and downey dryer sheets, my clothes are going to smell sooo good. I can't wait to use my new cassarole dishes. I think it was a very productive shopping trip.
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Sounds like a great shopping experience! Sounds like your going to do alot of cooking!
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I love getting new cookware too!! Mine is so scratched right now, it leaves little bits of teflon in my food.. needless to say, I don't cook that often...I need some new stuff..
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Walmart had a ten piece set of the really good stuff on sale for $79.99 and I jumped on that deal. And I am going to go back to get the big fryer and some wooden spoons so I don't scratch it up.
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Nothing like NEW STUFF right? Makes life better. I have a huge set of Wolfgang Puck Stainless and I wouldn't trade it for anything I never had stainless before, I bought them 5 years ago and they still look brand new nothing sticks in them. I have them hanging on a big celing rack
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I love getting things for my kitchen. For years I had cheap mix and match aluminum pans and even though they sit in a cupboard and are not visible, I always wanted a good set of stainless steel pots. Finally I bought myself some about 8 years ago and still absolutely love them!!!! One thing I need is more casserole dishes. I have 3, but 2 are too big and 1 is a bit too small and boils over when I cook 1 cup of rice in the microwave
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