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oil odor from "sisal"

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I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. My husband & I have had cats for 33 yrs. We have had a lot of cat poles w/sisal. The last of the 3 sisters we had passed away in Jan & we adopted 2 tabby brothers, Alex & Lil'John, 6/12/06. A 6' cat pole was delivered 11/17. We noticed a very strong "oil" odor & discovered it was coming from the 1 section of the pole covered w/sisal. I em'd the people we ordered from & the co that made the pole (in FL). They both say they have never heard of an oil smell from sisal. The co in FL that made the pole called us & said she went to where the sisal is kept & smelled it & there is no sisal odor. My husband has done a lot of reseach & has found that there is natural & treated sisal. The girl from the co that made it called & spoke to my husband. She was upset & says she has never heard of an oil smell. She suggested we put baking soda on it since Bkg soda absorbs odors. We have put it outside to air it out & I just put the bkg soda on the pole & I'll leave it for awhile before I vacum it off. Has anyone else had a problen w/an oil smell from sisal? Does anyone have any suggestion as to how we can get rid of it?
I hope I'm in the right place to write this (category) I'm new to this forum & have to get used to how things r done.
Thank you,
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Not oil as such - but I do find personally that sisal has quite a strong odour all of its own, which could possibly be loosely described as oily - I have an oversensitive nose though.
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