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Grumble What do I do? *Need advice,and venting time*

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Well I am pet sitting for a dog and 3 cats which I have posted on here this week about one of the cats spraying... well he did the unthinkable, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME..... Sprayed my Hubbys new CPU!! HE Just got it Over the weekend! These people Know he marks,and do nothing bout it.. they say.. "Well he usually only marks this place,and that place" but he hasnt yet marked one of those! Just stuff WE HAVE brought... These are one of my first clients.... and i would hate to loose the business theysend me, But I cant take this....I didnt knowhe marked till Now.... I knew one of the cats pissed onmy backpack last time I was here, But I didnt know who.. and when I wrote him a email,he said he had been doing this ..and there is nothing they can do.. Well Wouldnt it have been right to tell your petsitter that he marks? But they wont let the cat stay outside.. he has to be in at sunset,and go out in the day.. he is one of 3 male cats,and all are neutered.. But on top of this I am dealing with issues on there dog...*sigh* And all this for 40 a night.. I dont see that worth the work. And they arent even responding to my email on there dog.. which is chewing herself to bleeding...and of course, on the bed *which we sleep on* And I have had to wash all the bed stuff 3 times already... What should I Do? Should I kick the cat outside,and say **** it? Should I Just not petsit for them anymore? Advice is needed...

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Sorry you're having such a hard time

Is there a room you can confine the sprayer in? Maybe he's spraying more because of stress or he smells your cats?
I wouldn't leave him out all night.
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well this house has one litter pan... and a office,bathroom,and bedroom... it is like a shotgunhouse..very OLD... So I cant leave him in the office, in fear he will spray in there on there machines and puter stuff... I cant put him in the bathroom,as there isnt much room in there for us much less a cat,and us.. and the bedroom has alot of our clothes.. And i am not buying them a 2nd litter pan.. I dont feel I should have to do that.. am I wrong? I would bring over my Kitty Play pen, But My cat is still using it. Plus he is like 20lbs,and wouldnt have alot of room in there either.. :-/ And as far as the smell on my clothes, eh, I don't think that could be it.. I had just washed them before coming here.. and they were still in laundry room,when I brought them here.. and his CPU Tower, we just got the night before we came here, so it wasnt even put up more then 6hrs at our house. I just know that I would be doing more to fix the prob if he was my cat. But they dont seem to care.. and didnt care enough to tell me bout it..which I dont get.. If I bought a litter pan,I know I wouldnt be reimbursed.. They pitch a fit bout the price as it is.. Even tho I am cheaper then anyone I know of.. *sigh* Maybe it is just a pointless thing to try.. I dunno...
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I would think he's spraying your stuff b/c it's new, he's gotta mark his new territory.
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But what can I do to stop it? LOL I Am here for another 6 days..Lol
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Hopefully your CPU is not damanged????
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Originally Posted by animalhouse View Post
clothes.. And i am not buying them a 2nd litter pan.. I dont feel I should have to do that.. am I wrong?
How about if you got some disposable aluminum roasting trays, they are very cheap and I've seen some around the size of a litter pan.
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He probably sprayed the CPU because it was a new smell in the place but now it's done he's unlikely to do it again. When are the people coming back? I have to say you don't really seem to like animals much, and while I'm sure you need the money, you're also dealing with living beings who have been very put out by their owners leaving, and a little compassion might be in order. A second pan could really go a long way towards helping things, and they're not that expensive. I'm sure if you got a (full length) one and explained to the owners why you did it (a temporary thing to keep their lonely cats from messing up their beautiful house yada yada) they would pay you for it. But PLEASE do NOT keep the cats from coming indoors - if you think you feel bad now, consider how you'd feel if a Rottweiler or a car got one of them overnight! Then you would have some explaining to do. Try to get to know them better, watch them and learn to appreciate them if you can - we all think they're smashing :-).
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No larke you have me COMPLETLY WRONG! I am a True animal person.. I just feel if I am helping someone out, it would have been nice to be informed of these behaviours first off.. so I can Adjust to them.. I am here a total of 11 days.. and this isnt the first time I have sat for them.. I have been for over 2 yrs! and I do it for a number of days.. and usually multiple times inthe year... So it isnt new to the animals.. I have been around for most of the past 2 yrs. And I never would have guessed this cat to be the Sprayer...I would have guessed one of the other males, cause hewas faral.. and doesnt like people. But not this one.. So please dont say I am not a TRUE Animal lover... That is just messed up.. If you would have read any of my other posts from the past you would have seen, I Took in a Stray cat, and 2 of her babies, got the babies homes, and then a week later, she had a litter of 6! And I kept them till 10-13weeks old, got them all Fixed,and shots, and found them homes.. WITH MY OWN MONEY!!! SOOO PLease dont tell meI dont love animals! I came here for advice,and to vent.. Not to be told I am not compassionate, or a animal person! I have 3 dogs and 3 cats of my own, That I am not spending time with while I am here tring to spend time with these!
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I totally understand your frusteration but it did sort of come across in a negative way since you said "Should I kick the cat outside,and say **** it?" Those were your words. Larke just said what it seemed like from your post. No one flat out accused you of anything.

But anyways, the cat is most definately reacting to you being in his house. Even if they know you, you don't live there and now suddenly their owners are gone and you are there. That is a big change to a cat. That is how cats are, they react like that to change, even the slightest change. It stressed them out and the spray sometimes. Stress also means UTIs are more likely to occur. If the cat has been doing this for awhile, has he ever been to the vet for it? I can't belive the owners would just say ~oh well he just does it, but it's only in certain spots~ I wonder if they ever had him seen by a vet for a simple urine test.
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Yes..I know it sounded more negative, But that is also why I said "I need advice,and venting time". And yes i think it is wrong he wont do anything bout the kitty.. And he CLAIMS He took him to be looked over and there isnt anything they can do, But I Personally dont beleve that. I think there is something out there.. I am sure people out there with spraying cats, Don't "Just live with it". There has to be something out there... But I Still havn't heard from him on his poor dog either,so I Dunno if I ever will with this cat either... I think that is the part that frusterates me the most is.. he treats it as it isnt anything major, it is just a way of life or somthing.. I had a possable issue with our kitten when he was YOUNG.. we had him neutered at 10-12 weeks*I cant member exactly* To make sure it wasnt going to get to a major issue with spraying... and we confined him like the vet said...And he is Super now! So I dunno, Maybe i Expected more of the owners onthis matter.. and so you know, he is inside..I am just keeping a eye on him..and HOPING he wont do this again... :-/ I am sorry if I made anyone think I am cruel by any means... But I guess it frusterates me more that they wont do anything about it.. and it is like, The only way anything will be done with these guys, is by me... and it isnt fair. lol I can't afford to pay for anything extra right now..*Getting married in Jan*. And I seem to do alot for people and there pets,and it seems to go un noticed.. So,I am sorry for snipping at you all, I Just hated to hear that someone thought i was not sensitive,and I didnt love animals, cause that defently IS NOT the case. I am just not as familier withCats, as I am with Dogs.. And I have never encountered a cat that sprayed... since I was YOUNG.. And it was a health thing, he sprayed Blood... All over the walls.. it wasnt a pretty site. But anywayz, I will appologize again.. I defently didnt want to give anyone a bad impression of me!
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Hey, I'm sorry. I guess if someone sprayed my new computer I'd go ballistic to say the least... you have a right alright! I get a little fanatic sometimes and only worry about the cats, but get mad at my own too sometimes - like the little monster who digs into my feet in bed so I'll wake up and feed him - and that's through a beach towel on top of everything :-). They should have told you about the cat (if they knew.. maybe he hasn't done it before). I hope things work out better today!
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Well I have put him outside now for the day *As a request by the owners* to keep the kittys outside in day,and in at nigh... But I had been just letting him sit inside till he was ready to go out..
and Yes he was been spraying, I dunno how long with them, But he has... I just worry alot about animals,and sometimes I Have to vent cause the stupidity of people amaze me.. I have gotten all my animals as rescues, or Foster flunkys.. And so all my animals have/had a issue or two. So I have alot on my plate..LOL! But, I enjoy animals it makes it worth it..
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Originally Posted by animalhouse View Post
I am just not as familier withCats, as I am with Dogs.. And I have never encountered a cat that sprayed... since I was YOUNG.. And it was a health thing, he sprayed Blood... All over the walls.. it wasnt a pretty site. But anywayz, I will appologize again.. I defently didnt want to give anyone a bad impression of me!
If the cat is spraying blood then it needs to be seen by a vet. It sounds like a Urinary Tract infection at the very least and probably crystals in the urine.

Does your animal sitting service require you to live in the home or could you perhaps spend days there and return to your home at night? If you could do that then you wouldn't need to bring your things in to be ruined.

From what you say about the dog, it needs to be seen by a vet also. I don't know as I'd want to sit for someone who won't deal with health issues with their animals because of the implied responsibility on the sitter while in their care.

Good luck with resolutions to this and I sure hope those poor animals get proper treatment.

ETA: Maybe implied wasn't the right word, because when a child or pet is in someone elses care, the responsibility is on that person, but with a pet you would need the owners permission to seek treatment.
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animal house: venting is good to a point and then if it doesn't help it is making you feel worse. Try to focus on what you DO have control over rather than focusing on how unfair things have been and what the owners "should " have done. Clearly this isn't a pair you are going to pet sit for again unless you charge them an arm and a leg.

As an aninmal lover you know these pets need you right now and even if it's not a perfect situation you are doing the right thing by honoring your commitment. Send me your address I will fedex you some really good vodka
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hehe Yea, Venting is my way to get my frusterations out,and at that time, I didnt have any way of doing it other then here.. LOL with people that understand animals.. :-D And thanks for letting me do that.

As far as the cat spraying blood.. that was when I was YOUNG, a cat I used to have.. I was refering to it as the onlytime i have encountered a cat that sprayed.

And yes, This will probably be the last time I Will sit for them, Seeing they don't care... It bothers me cause the lady of the house, is runningfor office in the city I live in*small city of course though*. I would think she was carring.. But,After 2 yrs, I also would have thought they would let me help, By taking them to the vet or somthing...But Nope.. No response.

The dog is still chewing herself to baldness,and i havnt noticed bleeding now.. But still havnt got a response on whether I can give her Benedryl..*sigh* O well, I guess some people arent as into taking care of there animals like I am
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Ask them if you could have their spraying cat boarded at their vets and, of course, give them part of your sitting fee back.
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