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Snow Pictures

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I took some pictures to show how much snow we got last night.

This is my front yard

This is the side yard. There is a park under all that snow. It actually doesn't look like much but around that slide theres usually a huge spot thats all dug out.

I will take some more when I go out to get the mail in a couple hours. I was just too cold to get some good shots.
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Oh good grief, the sky still looks full of the stuff as well
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Yeah it is. It's still coming down. Theres snow squall warnings too. We are still supposed to get quite a bit more.
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Ok what's a squall?, a blizzard?.
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oh wow!! That's a lot of snow!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Ok what's a squall?, a blizzard?.
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Well, it is winter! We are having our first real burst of snow here in southern NH - nothing is really accumulating, because it is so windy that the flurries just seem to circulate in the air. I came into the office singing "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!" and my boss was pretty grumpy - so I switched to "You're a mean one Mr. Grinch..." That got him laughing! Hmmmm, maybe it was my awful voice! I think a snow squall is just a heavy burst of snow w/wind that makes it impossible to see! Good excuse to stay home and enjoy that snow!
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That's a bit of snow! We had a few squalls this morning, but parts of Maine of getting quite a bit of snow today!
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Bah Humbug to all the snow!
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Here is some more pictures I took when I went out to get the mail today.

The front yard/park beside the house.


Front yard, with some pretty buried trees.
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Very nice pics! I love snow and miss the snow that was here now everything looks gross and the mud is awful when it thaws. Right now its frozen though.
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Its so pretty.... we'll probly get our snow in March... or April!!
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Glad it's you and not me - sorry!
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Yep, looks like London at 11pm on Thursday night...then it just keeeeeeeeept on snowing
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