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I am so very sorry. How hard it must be to have to make this decision, but you are letting her go peacefully. (((((( Hugs))))))
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You poor thing; making that decision is one of the hardest things a pet lover will ever do. I'm sure Alley knows you're thinking about her. I wish I had some magical words of wisdom and comfort for you. Please don't second-guess yourself; you're armed with the info you need to make the right decison.
I wish I could give you a big reassuring hug, and tell you how sorry I am.
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I have no doubt she knew those treats were from you. She knows how much you love her and you are making such an unselfish decision here. You are putting Alley infront of everything - thats unconditional love right there!
Be gentle with yourself at this time. Know that we are all here for you right now and our heart's weep with you. Its never an easy decision but its the right one. Your letting her cross to the bridge with dignity
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I am so sorry for your little Alley. My heart goes out to you. She knows she is loved. Cats always know. She will be waiting for you at the end of the rainbow.
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just checking in................you have made the most difficult decision but you have done it out of love and respect for your precious Alley she can rest in peace and you will know that she had no suffering
She will have new fur-friends and the love that you send will make her purr for you forever
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They do not leave you. I believe that their spirits stay with you forever. Peace to Alley, and to you as well.
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Your kitty knows how loved she is. I can't imagine how hard this is on you and your family, but I echo the sentiments of the others: you're doing the right thing for her.

I am so, so, sorry. I wish there was some way we could ease your pain.

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I am so sorry to read this. I hope that she passes quietly. I'm so sorry you are far away .
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Sweet Alley has now crossed the bridge so i'll lock the thread now

RIP Alley

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