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They found my truck

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I got a call last night that they found my truck. The back window was broke (that is how they got in and how they got the tire out) and the steering column was ripped (which was no surprise since they had no key)

I have to contact my insurance company today to get things rolling. I do have to go downtown to present my title and registration to have them release the truck. I have to go and get a replacement registration as it was in the glove box of the truck.

I noticed this morning I had a message on my machine from Progressive Insurance about my truck involved in an accident

I called this morning an apparenlty whoever stole it hit a parked car. I gave them all my info and the police report #. The police that called me last night did not mention that it was in an accident

So now it has at least three issues. Ripped column, broken window and I assume some front end damage. They probably hit the parked car and then dumped it and ran.

I hope all the repairs don't amount to more than the truck is worth

At least they found it. I know it sounds dumb but it felt like someone stole my pet and it was all alone and lost.

I will update more after I talk to the insurance adjuster. I did arrange to get a rental car today so at least I have transportation until my truck gets repaired.

Thanks to all of you that gave me great vibes. Again it shows they work
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It is good they found it and now you and the insurance company can make the right decisions for it (it is like a sick pet LOL). I felt bereft when my car went over a year ago and it was never found. I had nightmares of it being ripped apart for spares.
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My brother felt the same way when his truck was stolen a few months ago. He felt like a part of the family was missing as well a feeling of being violated. His wife was so upset that they had a security system install in the house and in both cars.

I'm glad they found your car and I hope the damage is not too great!
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Glad they found it at least. Hope it all works out
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yeah! glad it was recovered
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That's wonderful! See your truck really was lost... it just had one heck of an adventure without you.

I'm glad you don't have to buy a new car.
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What a pain in the rear! I'm glad you got it back. Hopefully you will have it back on the road before too long and the insurance will not dance around.
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I am so glad they found it! Hopefully the damages won't exceed the value of the vehicle!!
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Originally Posted by AsecretK View Post
At least they found it. I know it sounds dumb but it felt like someone stole my pet and it was all alone and lost.


Thanks to all of you that gave me great vibes. Again it shows they work
You're welcome. I am so glad they found it, I knew you felt like it was out there lost, and you missed it. That was so sad. I'm glad you have found it.
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Its good that its found. Now I hope it can get repaired and back to you.
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Good to hear that you got it back. Hopefully there won't be too much damage. Is your insurance going to cover the repairs?
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Thats good news, but it might still be a total loss if it is an older truck...I am hoping not though
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Well the damage was pretty extensive. The front end damage that happened when he hit the parked car sealed the deal. The insurance is going to total it.

I have a load of paperwork to fill out and return to the insurance company.

They really did a job on her. They not only broke the back window but they completly ripped it off the hinges and popped the lock to the tailgate. That is how they must have gotten in. They ripped the radio, glove box cover and console cover out and of course the column was torn apart.

The only consolation I have is that the drivers side windshield had a major spider crack which I hope was made when the b*****d hit his head on it when he rammed into the parked car.

My daughters driving packet was toast. There was some papers from it in the back seat but all the important stuff was gone. It looked like they just ripped everything out of the glove box and threw it in the back. I have a feeling most of it probably blew out the back window. The truly amazing thing as that both of my moms prescriptions were still in their bottles and laying on the floor of the passenger side.

We think when he hit the parked car he bailed. The guy he hit said that when he came back to his car that my truck had rear ended his and it was still running.

He must have been on a crime spree because the theif left an entire socket set, a saw zaw, a floor jack, a 5 gallon gas can and a two foot screw driver. I can only assume he was driving around stealing more items and using my truck as his wagon to cart the stuff to other places. Heck the items he left were probably stolen.

Well at least he got the manual to the radio he ripped out, it was in the glove box.

I am sure if he had not hit that car he would still be driving around in it.

I feel sad about it but at least I have closure. Now to fill out the paperwork and see what the insurance company will give me.

Thanks guys for being there for me. Your support meant a lot
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Don't feel silly if you want to say goodbye.
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I'm so sorry this happened to you!

Look at it this way... this is the best time of year to buy a car. Dealerships are trying to get all of their stock off the lots due to tax purposes. You may get a really good deal on a newer model truck.
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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
Don't feel silly if you want to say goodbye.
Seriously, my first car was totalled by some jerk that t-boned me, and when I saw my car at the towyard to get my stuff out, I was is sad to lose a car..they are a part of you for a while.

I am sending vibes that you will get more than expected for the truck. Keep in mind they do take everything into consideration when determining the value of the vehicle..They don't just give "The black book value" which is what most people think. They take the mileage, the shape of the interior/exterior, the age and they compare to what a similar vehicle would sell for on the market. It is not a preassumed amount you will get. So, if your truck was in pretty good shaped before with lowish mileage, you might get more than expected.

Good luck
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