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dvd drives?

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Ok I got a dell desktop computer and it has a dvd+-rw or whatever that is I got both plus and minus! But for the last month it wont read my dvds or cds. It sounds like it is reading it but it is making a really loud noise too!!! any one have any idea's...O ya I went to the drive and hit properties and it says that it is working fine, but its not My brother has done a system restore thing and hes went back to a date of when it started and it didnt work !!!! I can give you more information on what all he did tomarrow/later tonite ! It is like I tried everything and nothing seems to be working...how can I tell if its the drive itself if the computer is saying it is working??? Please Please Please help !!!
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Go to Dell's Online Support.

Click on Downloads & Drivers

Type in the Service Tag number (on the side or back of the computer) and then click on Removeable drives.

Download the DVD+-RW that is associated with your computer.

If this doesn't do it and your machine is new, call Dell support. They can swap it out. If its not, find out the cost of a new DVD+-RW from them or check your local computer store (if its a computer, not a laptop). Usually you can find one just as good for a little less.
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