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Bad Kitty!

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I don't know what to do! I've recently gotten two wonderful little kittens, L and Kira for almost a month now. They are only about 3 months old and are from the same litter. I know I should have gotten one, but I couldn't bear to live with a lonely kitten.

Kira is outgoing and playful, but L is afraid of everything and is always a little jealous of his outgoing brother getting all the attention. L is a very sensitive kitten who runs away from anything new to him. He also has a litter box problem that I think stems from his anxiety. He's pooped in a corner a long time ago and peed twice on our bed. Today he had a terrible pooping accident when my husband startled him by accident. Well I’ll spare everyone the details, but he was so traumatized he stayed in the litter box for half an hour and covered himself in litter. We had to give him a bath to get all the sand and poop out of his fur, which made it worse for him. I thought maybe he was sick, but it was most likely just him being very scared.

My husband can’t take it anymore with his nervous nature and the hours we waste on cleaning after him. I’m a little tired of it myself. What should I do to get my cat to behave or just to trust us? It breaks my heart to think about giving my baby away. Kira will be, too. This problem can't persist!
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I realize I wasn't being clear. I think L had diarrhea or something. When my husband saw that he was going to poop, he took him by the scruff in a rush to get him into the bathroom. I think when when my husband did this, he freaked out even more. I was going to spare the details, but pretty much, he pooped all over the bathroom floor and scared HIMSELF by doing so.

I don't know why he's so anxious all the time. I doubt he was abused. While Kira is so naive and loving, he is rarely affectionate. I know if something is done, he'll continue to behave badly. I really don't want to give him up.
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Please do not be offended by my comments, but my impression is that your husband is causing most of L's stress. You must realize that cats have different personalities and should be treated as such. You said you feel L is jealous because Kira gets all the attention. Looks like it's true. If he is nervous and scared, maybe he needs a soothing voice and more TLC. Then when L has diarrhea, he is treated like he is pooping on purpose and manhandled for it, rather than first consulting a veterinarian.
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First, I would have him vet checked to make sure he is healthy.

Are your litterboxes in a quiet place? If he's a nervous kitty he might do better with a covered box in a private place where he knows he won't be interupted.

Also how many boxes do you have, the rule of thumb is one per cat plus one. So you would need 3. Many times adding another box solves the problem.
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Also, your kitties are still in a very new environment, as well as very young.
Vet check/consult is a great idea, as the above poster mentioned. But over all, I would not expect the problem to persist or become worse.

Having your kitties spayed/nuetered could work wonders too.

I do however, also agree with the poster that said some human behavior in the house is causing kitty a bit more stress than it needs.
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