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Pooping issue....AGAIN. Last effort....

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I know this is long, but I really need some help here!!!!!!!! I have already read the stickies......

I am asking for some help as a last ditch effort before we (unfortunately) have to find our kitty a new home. I will describe this as best I can, and hopefully you all have some ideas so that we don’t have to find her a new home as we have become very attached to her. Callie is now 6 months old (female), she was a feral cat and we received her at 7-8 wks old. We already had a cat (Hobbs [male], who is now 4.5 yrs old), and at first the two hated each other, but now have grown to like each other and even bathe one another. The first 2 months we kept Callie in the bathroom at night to make sure they didn’t kill each other, but they were fine during the day after the first month or two. Callie was totally potty trained the first few wks. Then after a month or two we had several bed-wettings, mostly at night when we were sleeping. We punished her by swatting and showing her the litter box while praising (which we no longer swat, FYI). We locked her back up for a couple nights and then we were fine for a month.

After a month or two, the bed wetting was back again. We would lock her up in the bathroom (only when these issues arise) so that it is not all over our house and only confined to the one room (easy cleanup). She began to poop all over the bathroom (where she was previously kept at night). This happened several nights in a row. She would even poop in the living room right before it was bedtime in preparation for what was about to come. We let her out and the problem stopped.

Several months went by and now it has happened again. This time what tipped it off was we began feeding canned pumpkin to Hobbs the resident cat (per the vet, as a natural fiber). Callie got into the pumpkin and couldn’t control the diarrhea so it went all over the place in our living room (little drops in about 50 different places on the floor 2-3 nights in a row, no exaggeration). Again, this only happened at night when we were sleeping, not during the day. This happened for 3 nights, and all 3 nights she also pooped on our bed where we were sleeping! The 4th night Callie left a present for us on the top of our couch (a favorite resting spot for both cats) and she peed on the bed. (This was the first time ever to poop or pee on the couch). Fortunately we woke up and found it not too long after it happened so the odor and stain was mostly removed from the couch. Now we put down towels on the couch. Again, the next night there was a present on the couch (this time on the towel in a different location) and bed wetting again. By now, the past two nights the diarrhea is now gone, but she’s obviously still trying to get a message across.

After all this happened, the past 3 nights we have kept her locked up at night in the bathroom and she poops on the counter among various other places to let me know she doesn’t like being locked up. Unfortunately we can’t have her keep doing this every month or two. I am asking for any final thoughts or ideas before we have to find a new home for her.

Over the past 4-6 months of this, we have observed the following:
•\tThank god we have hardwood floors throughout our house!
•\tShe has been to the vet and tested for UTI – results were negative.
•\tI have never seen a cat be able to poop-on-command like this before!
•\tShe is very territorial of the resident cat, Hobbs. If Hobbs is lying on your lap, when Callie realizes it, she’ll jump up next to you to scare away Hobbs, then proceed to lay on your lap in his place. This happens all the time. Also, this past time when Callie peed on the bed, it was in the same place were Hobbs was lying by our feet all night (seemingly as a way to mark her territory).
•\tWe have spoken to the vet on several occasions and she is out of suggestions. The last option she gave us was to speak with the behaviorist at $78/hr session. Even at that, it would most likely be several sessions with what seems like a very low outlook of success.
•\tCallie is potty trained and has no trouble using the litter box on a regular basis. This is obviously a behavior issue to “get back” or tell us something. We have two litter boxes, but have never seen an issue where one is not allowing the other to use it. Sometimes they even share boxes.

Lastly, now that the cats are very friendly to each other, how do you think the resident cat will react when/if the other is removed to another home?

Any help or ideas are welcome. We would love to keep both cats, but can’t keep going on like this.

Thanks for your help!

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A follow up as I am rereading from my last posting after having Callie the first few months.

I got the message loud and clear from everyone saying that swatting does not work. We give the kitty plenty of love and attention. She is with us all the time, always wanting to sit on our lap or be near us when we are home.

I have used Nature's Miracle on the spots where the cat has peed, etc.

When she is in the bathroom, her litter box is in there with her. She uses that and she still poops on the counter. She is well aware of how to use the litter box, she chooses not to when this happens.
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My thoughts are just my thoughts. Im not an expert, just a regular ol kitty owner like you.

You cant blame the kitty for having diarrhea from getting into the pumpkin. That would be like banishing your child for not making it to the bathroom while vommiting. Its a reflex, its not controllable. Please dont blame the sick kitty for her actions. It makes me sad for her that you are so angry with her for the diarrhea when you stated that she got into the pumpkin and that caused her problem. Its not her fault.

Also, you say she hates it in the bathroom and so you feel she is peeing and pooping to get back at you. Maybe its you that needs behavior modifications, not her? I mean, she is only doing what she knows. Is there another spot you can put her at night that isnt so scary for her? Maybe a large dog crate in the living room would suit her better? You didnt mention if you had a litter box in the bathroom with her. I hope you put one in there... just a thought.

Its obvious that whatever you and the kitty are doing is not working for either parties. Maybe that means its time for a change. Can you section off a part of the kitchen for the cats? Or part of the basement? Maybe it makes the kitty anxious to be locked up when the other cat can rome free. Does your kitty have access to a clean litter box at all times? Maybe a food change is in order? Does she drink excessive amounts of water (ie. should we worry about diabetes).

I hope everything works out for you ALL. I hope I didnt sound harsh, Im just have sympathy for the littly guy. Good luck and remember your kitty is just a baby. How much slack would you give a 5 month of child for bladder and bowel control? Probably a whole lot more. Your kitty is still learning. Use this time to teach it what is expected in a possitive manner. Good luck!
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Im No professional either, But, I would Fast kitty for the day,Just to make sure to give her system a break. I would see the vet to give you something for the Runnys.. Also, I had this issue with my kitten when he was young.. he peed and pooed on my bed,and around my room. But I bought a Kitty Play pen thing.. and put him in there. I Had him neutered at 12 weeks,and put him in the cage for 2 weeks, with no house time*by advice from vet* to redirect the behavior.. and it worked. But we still only let himhave a little bit of time out in the house at a time..and he still sleeps in a room at night..and it worked.

You also didnt mention whether the lil girl is fixed.. if not, maybe try that.

Good luck to you
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I completely understand the diarrhea, and I was not angry at her and did not lock her up right away. I let that go for a couple nights, it wasn't until the 4th night when she pooped on the couch, and pooped on my bed (no where else) that I got upset. At that time when she went on the couch and bed, there was no diarrhea, that was it.

Yes her litter box is in the bathroom when she is in there, along with food and water. That would just be cruel!!

She was fixed at 2-3 months (whenever the vet recommended). This all began after she was fixed (not that I think that is the problem, just pointing this fact out).

I have thought about putting her in a cage at night (we don't have one), but how long would that need to go on for? I mean, these episodes usually only last for a week (although the week is really bad), then she is fine for a month or two. Then, out of the blue, all this happens again. I know she is young, but at 6 months she should be over this type of thing. I know it sounds like I am very frustrated (and I am!), but I really don't take it out on the kitty. I know she doesn't really know any better, but I don't know what else to do.
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Well with my kitty.. I confined to just the cage for 2 weeks, with just a litter pan,and food and water.. I brought him out ina room toplay for a bit, but he wasnt unattended .. and slowly after the 2weeks in there, I would let him out into the house,and see how he did.. But then again, He maynot have the same prob as ures.. But, that is all I can think of.
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