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Hey Barb.....(about the bridge)

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Did you hear about the covered bridge in Winterset that was burned down (Arson) last night? It was called the Cedar bridge I believe. I think it was the one where they filmed the movie, "The Bridges of Madison County" with Clint Eastwood. I could be wrong on that.

Anyway, it was a beautiful covered bridge, and now there are only 5 of them left in Madison County. It was the only one you could drive through still.

It makes me sick that someone thought it was funny to set it on fire!! It was such a historical landmark and can never be replaced. They had just spent thousands of dollars fixing it up recently, too.

I loved that movie, it was so romantic, and Hubby and I got married in one of the bridges in Madison County because of it. Not that one, but the one in the park in Winterset. We only live about 45 minutes from there.
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I didn't hear anything about it. I am AWOL on anything outside work right now. I am condentrating on running a restruant, not just managing it, running the WHOLE show. Let me tell you, it stinks! I feel like a complete moron! But that is another story..
anything new on it???
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They had it on the news again tonight. It WAS the bridge where the movie was made. They said it was built in 1883. And it was definitely arson. I hope they catch whoever did it, that is just such a waste to burn down such a beautiful old covered bridge that can never be replaced. It can be rebuilt, and they are talking about doing that, but it will never be the same.
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